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NOTE: This message was received less than two hours after the TMS web site was put up. It was really thrilling to know that the site was helping people so quickly.

February 4, 2002, 7:14 AM EDT

My name is ***. I'm 19 and have never masturbated any other way but face down. The first time I [masturbated to orgasm] was when I was 15 and I was laying down against my bedroom floor. I was really shy then and never talked to anyone about getting off so I kinda thought it was pretty normal doing it face down. And I thought it was normal cause I thought the only way a guy did it to a girl was laying on top of her. I'd do it on the floor, in the shower pressing up against the wall of the shower, on a table, or on top of my dresser. I would also get on my knees on the floor by the bathtub and press my cock against the edge of the tub and hump it. It wasn't for a couple of years I learned that guys "jacked off" with their hand. I then started jerking off that way and it felt real good but I couldn't get myself to come. I'd have to roll over on my stomach on the bed to come.

I am currently living with my girlfriend. She is the first serious relationship I have been involved in. We have sex a lot but I have never been able to come inside her. It feels good and I stay hard but I can't come. When we are finished having sex I have to roll off her and grind myself against the bed to finish. Sometimes she tries jacking me off but that doesn't work either. The only way she can "jack" me off when I am on my back is by pressing the palm of her hand against my [penis] and moving it up and down my shaft. But she has to do that pretty hard to get me off and I normally have to take hold of her wrists and pull her hand down on me to get the right pressure. When she tries [oral sex] it feels awesome but I can never [reach orgasm] that way either. Sometimes she puts her hand under me (she gets behind me and sits between my legs and puts her hand under me) and I pump the palm of her hand and get off that way. I can't wait to let her read that website cause she thinks it's all her and that she is doing something wrong. It's really messing up our relationship cause she wants me to come when I am inside her.

It's been embarrassing for me too. I was with 1 other girl for about 3 months before I met my current girlfriend and could never come with her either. I'd wear a rubber with her and I would fake a climax. I'd tell her I had come then jump up and run to the bathroom to "clean up". I didn't want her to see that there wasn't any in the rubber. Then usually I would get dressed and head for home where I would get off on my bed or on the floor. I had come a couple of times with her by grinding against her bed but she said that was too "freaky". One night after we had done it for a long time I was so worked up there was no way I was going to be able to sleep. It was the first time we had spent the entire night together. After I thought she had fallen asleep I got up and went into the bathroom and laid down on the floor. I was in the process of [masturbating] when she opened the door and asked me what the hell I was doing. About two weeks later she broke up with me because she said I must be gay since I couldn't get off with her the normal way.

Not being able to come the normal ways is not something you can talk about with's even hard talking to my girlfriend about it. Thanks for the info...maybe it will help us out.

This person wrote later to advise of his progress. He at first had trouble abstaining due to wet dreams and/or sleep masturbation. I suggested wearing clothing to inhibit those things. Some time later, he reported signs of a cure:

March 24, 2002

Thought I'd drop you a note and let you know of the progress so far. I'm still sleeping naked but haven't had a wet dream in two weeks. Also, my girlfriend gave me my first ever "normal" handjob this past Friday night and it was one of the best climaxes I have ever had. I've also been able to achieve an orgasm while we have intercourse. That has really improved things between us and makes that very special intimate time seem that much more intense for us. I've jacked off a couple of times while I have been alone and did it on my back with my hand around my [penis]. Did it one time too laying on my stomach humping a pillow and it sure felt great too. I'm definitely not going to give that up completely but it sure is awesome to be able to achieve an orgasm other ways...especially when I am with my girlfriend. Hope others have checked out your website.

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