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July 6, 2002

I'm a 17 year-old guy, and I'm getting more and more physically active with my girlfriend. The problem is that I have been using the TMS method (pressing the flaccid penis against a table or something, and rocking the hips to vary the pressure) for as long as I can remember, since I was a small child. I should say I HAD been using the TMS method.

I was aware of the fact that it was difficult for me to get erections, and I'd NEVER had an orgasm with the conventional means of stimulation. It worried me that I couldn't reach orgasm through a method that a partner could perform, and I covered up for this by steering her away and giving her manual and oral stimulation, wishing there was a way that she could return the favor, and hoping I wouldn't always have to be ashamed and afraid.

I did some searching online, and I found the TMS website, and read the accounts on there. I knew then that I had identified the problem, and that although it would be hard there was a solution in sight.

Tonight, after several days without orgasm and several failed attempts, I achieved erection and orgasm through the normal method. Now that I know that it works and I can do it, I have the chance to engage in a mutually fulfilling and active sexual relationship. This is a chance I never would have had, had nobody made this information available to people like me.

I wanted to share this success story with you all, and call on you to support me in the coming months as I leave TMS behind me forever and move on to being a healthy and fully functioning person capable of both giving and receiving sexual pleasure.

Thank you all.


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