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This letter came from a woman who was striving to help her boyfriend become cured of TMS.

So glad I found your website after reading the Sept. issue of Playboy. I almost left my boyfriend because I thought his non-existent libido was because I was not turning him on. Found out a few weeks ago that he brings himself to orgasm all the time (lots of times per week). I asked him why the heck are you enjoying that more than being with a woman, well he then told me how he actually does it. Until I read the Playboy I was looking at sexual dysfunction articles and research, and then boom... the Playboy magazine (which I could not stand him having at all, thought I was being prude so I started reading them, to all woman out there... they are not as bad as they seem!). Anyway I am so glad I read that magazine and finally found out what is wrong with him.

We are working on this together. He wants to quit masurbation altogether; I told him to get real and learn the correct way because there is nothing wrong with doing it. He says it takes too long, but I told him if he does not do it the correct way then he will go back to the TMS way and no woman is going to stand for that. If you want a normal relationship then work towards curing yourself! He has not done it the TMS way for about 12 days now, so I am looking forward to us having a normal sexual relationship. Thanks so much for your article!

I joined the group because I need help dealing with his problem. It's rough on me, but worth it because I do love him. If you are with someone you love, then tell them what is going on, don't make them seek someone else for sexual fulfillment that you should be giving them. :)

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The world is in your hands