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  • This case study is from a 19-year old who was cured by following the advice on this web site!
  • This case study was written by a 27-year old
  • This man was cured by following the advice on this site and a little help from a blue pill
  • These comments are from a man in his 40s who was cured within a month of reading this site!
  • This case study is from a 20-year old who had an especially punishing method of masturbating, but who was nevertheless cured within a week after reading this web site!
  • Read the story of Matt, a 17-year-old who got cured so he could enjoy sex with a female partner.
  • This case history comes from an uncircumcised man who suffers from problems with his foreskin (including phimosis) in addition to prone masturbationb.
  • Another viewpoint on phimosis
  • This article contains a woman's take on male masturbation including prone
  • A 27-year-old man is cured after finding this site.
  • This man has learned to masturbate normally but is trying to kick the prone habit at bedtime.
  • Here's a case history of someone who had FOUR VARIATIONS of prone before he got cured in consultation with the author
  • This man masturbated normally for the first time within a day of finding this site
  • This case study is from a 29-year-old who has never masturbated prone but has an idiosyncratic masturbatory style
  • This case study is from a a 38-year-old who quit prone within two weeks of reading this site
  • This 31-year-old case study quit masturbating prone within three days of finding this site and was having sex with women within eight days
  • This 27-year-old man was mostly cured through sexual intercourse, not by following the abstinence plan of this site
  • This 52-year-old man is overcoming a legacy of not being able to reach orgasm with 29 different partners
  • Author Marty Beckerman shares his story of prone masturbation, originally published on the web site

Read comments from men who masturbate prone and others who have visited this site.

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