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Stories of girls' and women's first orgasms

Most females report that after they start masturbating or being sexually active, it takes them a while before they can reach orgasm. This page is for females to share their stories of their first orgasms. How long did it take? How did that first orgasm come about? By sharing this information with younger females and other pre-orgasmic females, you can help them reach their important first orgasm. Please share.

I started masturbating and had my first orgasm when I was 13. To be honest, I didn't know much about masturbation. I read about it in a book and I wanted to try it to see how it feels. I had no intention of having an orgasm and I think that's what made me have one. I was was lying on my bed and I sort of rubbed my outer labia and rubbed up and down. It felt so good so I went faster and faster to a point that I thought that I couldn't stand any more pleasure and then I went slightly faster and the feeling was amazing! It started around my genitals and just flowed throughout my body. It was dreamy. Stop trying so hard and it will happen. If anyone gets it right from this post, I hope you can continue and have a great time! (age 14)

I was 11 and was trying to sleep and didn't know what masturbation or anything was. I just had an itch and it was around my clit. I kept on itching it and it somehow felt good. I kept doing it and somehow this fluid squirted out. I was so scared. I didn't sleep at all that night. But now I am more open to the fact of sex and all that. That is how I had my first orgasm and looking back, it was wonderful! (age 17)

I discovered masturbation through online readings and the first time I successfully masturbated I was 12. I remember it very vividly. I was woken up by a sexual dream and found out how to make myself orgasm. It was awkward, of course, but pleasurable all the same. (age 14)

A sexual dream can be quite useful in teaching you what arouses you.

It took me a year to get my first orgasm. I read up on what to do and kept trying until eventually I felt it happen. It didn't feel great the first time, but every one after the first feels good. My advice is to keep trying and don't really focus on having one. Just do what feels good and focus on the feelings. (age 15)

I started masturbating and had my first orgasm when I was thirteen. The first and second time I orgasmed, it felt like this overwhelming pleasurable wave that started in my pelvis and spread throughout my body all the way to the tips of the fingers/toes and head. Because this was my first experience of orgasm, I am led to believe that that's what it's supposed to feel like. But since then, it hasn't been like that when I masturbate. It now feels like my muscles in my pelvis tense up, which isn't really pleasurable, then they contract two or three times, then it stops. No pleasurable feelings are present. Why is it like this? Am I doing something wrong? It's so frustrating. (age 16)

It sounds like you are anticipating an unhappy orgasm and don't let your body respond. It might also be you are worried about making too much noise if you have an unrestrained orgasm. Next time you masturbate, don't anticipate that it will be exactly like the last hundred times you masturbated. Just let loose and don't try to restrain those feelings in your pelvis.

Follow-up: I've tried to relax but it has been very difficult to because I seem to always tense up. I don't make noises when I orgasm. I can't seem to just forget about my surroundings and just enjoy myself. I've tried, believe me. The only way I can feel a little bit good is if I go unexplainably fast then it lasts like 3 seconds then I actually just feel irritated and frustrated. I really appreciate your help.

Just do what feels good. Force your body to relax. Be as relaxed as you can be. If you start to tense up, then stop. If you find it not feeling good, then stop. Try taking a bath or shower beforehand so your muscles are optimally relaxed.

I first had an orgasm when I was 13. My boyfriend at the time wanted to feel my panties so I let him and it felt good and I eventually climaxed and had my first orgasm. (age 17)

My first orgasm was internally with a hairbrush and it felt amazing and it was my first try masturbating. It felt tingly and amazing. I recently tried a technique where your legs are spread and knees in the air feet flat on the bed and you rub the G spot. That was the best orgasm ever. (age 15)

Wow, you are really paying attention to your body. That is very good.

I was 11 when I had my first orgasm. I started to rub my clit like there was no tomorrow and then boom I came. (age 18)

At 13, I was watching something sexy and rubbing my clit and I suddenly felt something coming and it wasn't urine, so I went to the toilet because I didn't know what it was and loads of white liquid came pouring out. That was my first orgasm and I've had many since then but never that much white liquid! (age 13)

The liquid had probably accumulated for a while as of your first time, but now you're doing it regularly and it doesn't build up like that.

I have been masturbating for a while now but I never reached orgasm until today. I was rubbing my clit and I started shaking a little and then I came. it was like a tingly feeling came over me and then it happened. Now I'm tired so I'm going to sleep but I just wanted to thank for helping me get to this day. (age 15)

You are welcome! I'm sure it won't be your last time.

My boyfriend and I had been out in his car and decided to find a place to be alone. We talked for a while and then started kissing and feeling. My older sister had told me what to do but I had never done anything. Anyway, he put his hand on my crotch and I moved him away. Then he started to suck my nipples and I got this feeling between my legs that I had never noticed before. After several minutes I was wet, VERY wet. I unzipped my pants and he began feeling around down there . He kept rubbing and the more he did the wetter I got. Then finally I began to get these pleasurable feelings like I've never had until I finally had an orgasm, my first one. WOW! Now I masturbate pretty regularly. It was good to share my first orgasm with someone else. (age 18)

I never touched myself down there. My religion told it was a sin. So one afternoon I decided to figure out why this is supposed to be forbidden. I got naked in my bed, spread my legs and started rubbing. Very soon my clit swelled up and I could rub it more easily. It felt itchy at first, then uncomfortable, then almost painful. I wanted to stop because I thought I was going to urinate over myself. Then I could feel my pussy opening and closing, opening and closing, and I was jerking and bucking, and crying out "Oh, Oh, Oh!" (age 23)

Wow, what a great first orgasm!

I was 11 when it happened. I found an old stuffed animal and put it in my pants and got on my stomach and started to move my hips from side to side. I did this for about 5 minutes until it happened. I tried doing it again a few days later and I got caught. I didn't masturbate again for a year after I got caught. (age 12)

Be glad the year is up and now you can masturbate whenever you like!

He went down on me and fingered me slowly for a few minutes getting my entrance and interior lubricated, then he reached my G spot (a spongy little nub) and asked how it felt. The sensation was overwhelming. I literally would not stop writhing and wriggling. He kept going for about 15 minutes and then suddenly it was too much for me to take. So I asked him to stop. I didn't know I had come, but he told me I had. (age 20)

I wish I had been there!

Incredibly, I was old when I first masturbated. I won't tell you how old. Young people think that older people can't have sex or that it's disgusting to think about. Believe me, when you get there, you won't think so. Sex is sex at any age if done right. My husband introduced me to a vibrator. Just give it five minutes, he said. Well, I felt it that first five minutes about four years ago. Now I masturbate by vibrating twice a week. My husband, who has looked at porn, says that I'm the only woman he's seen who can orgasm as soon as the vibrator touches her clit. I'm rocking from the instant I get touched by his fingers and later by the vibrator. I can orgasm off and on for 35 minutes to over an hour. I don't get the whole-body orgasms. From what my husband observes as I writhe on the bed, it's like when he began masturbating at age 14, like I'm a 14-year old boy that can jack off and cum, but can keep doing it for an hour or more. It's that kind of intensity. He really loves to watch me "in pain," as we call it. Intense!

Writhing on the bed is a full body orgasm. Just let the feeling travel all over your body. Don't resist with any part of yourself.

The first time I had an orgasm, I was masturbating on my bed using a hairbrush. I kept thrusting it in my vagina and rubbing my clit. My orgasm was so strong, I curled my toes and moaned loudly. My little brother heard me but didn't know what happened. (age 13)

Maybe he still doesn't.

Most of the females who have submitted stories gave themselves their first orgasms. Mine's different and you might think this is wrong. As a child I was never attractive, a bit plump with ginger hair and boys never took any notice. When I got to 12 I suddenly started to develop, well before the other girls my age. My breasts grew very quickly and very big. I was embarrassed by them, when I should have been proud. I had a friend and I spent a lot of time at her house. She lived with her dad as her mom had died when she was young. I started to notice her dad taking long looks at my chest and making subtle comments, especially when my friend was out of the room. When we passed he'd pat my bum and then progressed to squeezing it at every opportunity. When I left he'd give me a little kiss and squeeze my bum. This was the first time that I started to feel excited. My first orgasm happened one day as I went to leave, as I was going the phone rang, it was for my friend and she started to chat. Her dad came to the door with me, he gave me my usual kiss, or so I thought. This time he started to give me a long kiss on my lips, the first proper one I'd had. It made me feel nice. His hands were on my bum squeezing. He then started to pull my skirt up till it was around my waist. I started to get a really sexy feeling in my vagina, and he then put one hand around my front, and as soon as he felt me was when it happened. I came. (age 65)

Thank you for sharing. I don't think females should be either proud or embarrassed by their breast size. It's just the size they are, like ears or nose or legs. I tell males the same about their penis size.

One of my older sister's friends showed me how to masturbate at a sleepover when I was 11. She told me that I was doing it wrong and she totally showed me how to make the amazing feeling happen. For years after that, I masturbated almost every day. (age 27)

Many of my female readers wish they knew your sister's friend.

My first experience happened just a few days ago. I love watching porn and identify as a lesbian. Oddly, straight porn is what got me to orgasm. I was rubbing my clit like usual and then I felt a sudden rush of warmth and then I started shaking and felt like I couldn't go anymore. But I did and wow. I masturbate every night now and love it. (age 19)

I was in the shower and I had it on full blast and I wondered what it would feel like on my pussy so, naturally I put it there. At first it was uncomfortable so I stopped, felt around and tried again. Then it was amazing. I started to squat and stay in a squat position so my legs were at the proper angle. It felt so good. I've been trying different ways to masturbate. (age 13)

I was in Thailand at the time, on holiday. I had been trying for ages to orgasm, which in hindsight was probably why I didn't. At home, my shower head is stuck in place, and I was feeling really jealous when I read about people orgasming because of detachable shower heads, and different settings, so when I found that the shower in our hotel room was detachable, I was excited. I tried to use it to orgasm, but it was either too weak and didn't feel like anything, or it was too hard and hurt.

Frustrated, I went to lie down in the hotel bed. My family was in the other room, around a corner and through a shut door, and plus, I was under the doona so I was pretty sure that even if somehow someone managed to come in without me hearing, they wouldn't be able to tell immediately what I was doing. I was originally on my phone, casually reading, while playing around with my other hand, but what I did felt really nice so I put the phone down and focused wholeheartedly on my fantasy. I had been too scared to do internal up to that point, but I was already super slippery and it was super easy, plus the fantasy helped heaps, and knowing that I was safe, and that I wasn't gonna be walked in on. (age 12)

One night in Bangkok, and the world's your oyster!

Surprisingly enough, my first time felt like fireworks but it only happened once when I was on top of my ex bf. We began having sex regularly and every time I was having orgasm after orgasm! His penis was bigger than what I had experienced before. It was always with me on top for me to get an orgasm.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling aroused. My husband sat across from me playing some game and I was sitting on my recliner and I started reaching down for my clit just exploring because I had never made myself orgasm. I had never masturbated because I honestly never thought I could get that amazing feeling from just myself! I was rubbing my clit silently right next to my husband who had no idea. I was rubbing it for about 15 minutes then suddenly this rush of emotion waved over me, my insides twitched and contracted with fireworks going off in my vagina! I had to hush my urge to moan. It felt soooooo good! I was shocked! I couldn't believe that I could get to that point by myself. Before I found this out, I was always asking my husband for sex because that's the only way I knew how to orgasm. Now that I can do it myself, I'm ready to rock! In the shower, in the car, my chair, it doesnt matter. I love sex with my husband but being able to make myself feel this way? It is an amazing feeling. Why it took me so long to figure this out at the age of 26? No one was there to teach me.

I'm sorry you missed out for so long. I've had a female masturbation page here on since you were 11.

When I was 11, I spread my legs and rest my back on the shower floor. I don't have a detachable shower head, but I turned the water to the highest setting and pushed my pussy a little higher and started rubbing my clitoris, and I just let the shower make me cum. I moaned super loud and started cursing, but I was so happy no one was home! I've now been masturbating for many years (in bed, with my hand), but I still think of that day in the shower often.

I was maybe 10 and I had just gotten out the shower and I wrapped myself up in a towel and sat on the side of the tub. Then I put one leg over the other side and I reached for something and my vulva was being pressed into the wet tub. Thatís when it felt good so I pressed down harder and started to move myself up and down and the water and tub started to vibrate and I went faster and faster until I came. Later that night I wanted to go back to the tub and rub my clit on it again. But I thought I could use my hand and I did and I came so hard. (age 29)

I have been masturbating for about 4 years now and I had never orgasmed. (I'd either been scared or impatient). But the other day without thinking I started playing with myself and it felt so good so I went faster and faster and I came! Now I have been doing it twice a day since then. :) (age 16)

What a happy week for you! Congratulations!

I had my first orgasm today, January 4, 2018. I'm 16 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. I never masturbated in my life; I lost my virginity to my ex-husband and we got married because my family found out he took my virginity. I was 19 and he was 18. I never even got close to enjoying sex with my him because he would orgasm between 1-5 minutes. He left me when I was pregnant with our son, for a bar slut. He told me to move on and I did. I got with my fiance and we are kind of awkward because he is only 19 and I'm a 23 year old divorcee with a kid. We thought my water broke so I just got out of the ER 3 hours ago and the doctors explained that what I experienced was my very first orgasm. They explained that as awkward as it sounds, that it happens to women who are inexperienced and they get the joy of giving the sex talk. (age 23)

Congratulations both on becoming orgasmic and not having a miscarriage at 16 weeks. Be glad you've landed after your divorce and found someone who cares.

I don't remember how long it took, but my first orgasm from masturbation was when I was 22. I had had a boyfriend for a year in college. He only made me orgasm once, and it was vaginally. Our problem was that I didn't like direct clitoral stimulation, and neither of us knew that rubbing around the clitoris instead of directly on it was an option. It was not until I was 22 and single, and experimenting for the first time in a while that I discovered that I could orgasm from rubbing the area between my labia and clitoris.

I want to thank you so much for I feel that if I had found it back when I was dating, I may have reached that conclusion more quickly and I could have enjoyed sex with my boyfriend a lot more. Not a day goes by when I am not ashamed of how many orgasm-less sex sessions I have had. I also thank you for including tips for girls in your site. I barely masturbated at all before the age of 22, which is why I wasn't able to tell my boyfriend how to make me orgasm. I wish I had seen this site back when I was giving up easily when I couldn't orgasm, and when I thought it was abnormal for girls to masturbate. (age 25)

Thank you for sharing your experience of how helped you.

My first experience was only a few days ago, and I was surprised by how easy it was. I orgasmed the very first time I masturbated. I used a technique that I had researched prior to this time, which was basically to rub your clitoris with one finger in a little circle or rub it diagonally. The next time I did this I orgasmed better because I focused on my breathing and the pleasure and it was at night with the lights off in my room with the door closed, so it was very peaceful and private. (age 14)

Thank you for sharing your research so that it may help others.

I was about 12 and knew that it felt good to rub myself down there so I decided to try it with a shower head. I would hold it in front of my vulva and put it on the jet speed setting. It felt amazing. I then decided to try with an electric toothbrush. It was amazing and I couldn't stop. I felt like screaming. I went all warm and my vagina went all wet. (age 26)

What great orgasms you have! I wish I could be there.

I had my first orgasm recently. I read about it online. After learning how to orgasm with my clit, I used an electric toothbrush for the first time there. I just went bucking off the bed. It was amazing and I couldnt orgasm before that since I didnt know that my clit was under a clitoral hood. (age 16)

Just like a car, the important parts are under the hood.

I have been having sex since I was 16. I never tried pleasuring myself until last week. I was reading a dirty novel. I got really horny and started rubbing around my clit, then this feeling took over me. It was so overwhelming I wanted to cry. It felt like I was about to urinate and then boom I squirted like a fountain all over my sheets. It was a great experience. (age 19)

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