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This article was sent to the author of the TMS site in response to comments made in a case study which mentioned phimosis. In it, she referred to many other websites. It is the policy of this site not to link to other sites, so these URLs have been deleted. People interested in phimosis should do a web search on the term and are apt to find some of these sites.

I found your TMS website while I was doing research about Phimosis. There was a testimony on your website from a man with both TMS and Phimosis, your remark was a rather offhand "why don't you just get circumcised?" I wanted to comment on your reply and also to hear some of your thoughts on the matter.

Actually, I'm anti-circumcision myself. I mentioned circumcision as an option to that reader simply because it would be wrong not to point out what might be such an obvious solution.

The foreskin is a highly errogenous and functional part of male sexual anatomy, and you might be interested to know- it comes in really handy for masturbating. When there is a foreskin disorder, like phimosis, that may cause a man emotional and physical pain, as well as mechanical disfunction, but his body still needs to be treated with the same loving respect that you ask TMS sufferers to treat themselves with. Suggesting casually to a man to just cut off a part of his penis is hardly respectful and I know that you did not mean to be so callous, but that is how it came out. People who have only experienced life as circumcised can not imagine what it is that they do not have, and rarely do they want to know. It is much easier for circumcised men to believe that the foreskin is something useless or extra than to delve in and appreciate it for what it is, male sexual anatomy.

Although for a long time circumcision was the only option offered to people with phimosis, there are many other conservative treatments that a man can look to today before undergoing such a radical and organ changing operation. Just to put it in perspective - an adult foreskin if unfolded is about the size of a 3x5 index card... that is a lot of sexual nerves and errogeny to casually suggest to bisect out of a man who is already having sexual difficulty. The tip of the foreskin contains some very specialized nerves, which when not bound up inside a phimotic ring can cause a great deal of pleasure when they expand and contract over the corona.

I found it very interesting that the only not-circumcised men in your testimonials (that I could find) who were doing TMS were suffering from Phimosis. Everyone else seems to be circumcised. Circumcision is a dramatic interference in normal masturbatory technique, as I am sure you know that circumcision was first sold to the American puritanical market as a masturbation preventative. Without their foreskins boys are left having to invent and discover ways to mimic or reproduce the sensations which would come quite innately to a man with a foreskin. The wet washcloth trick is not an attempt to reproduce a vagina as most hetero guys assume, it is a clumsy attempt to reproduce their own lost foreskin, which is such a sad realization that it surely would not last as an arousing masturbatory technique.

Here is a short animated gif of an intact man masturbating, the amount of pressure and friction that his glans experiences is minimal compared to the types of stroking that a circumcised man, even one who masturbates "correctly" is habituated to. I have to admit that in my book, if a man has been robbed of his foreskin and the normal rolling action of his sex organ, no matter, he can not masturbate "correctly" because his body has been deprived of that mechanical function of loose skin on an erection, and a glans with has the sensitivity of an internal organ. Website URL deleted

I think as you spend more time researching TMS and the ways that circumcised men work to overcome the obstacle set infront of them by the binding of their erections in a tight corset of their own skin, that you will have no choice but to speak out against infant circumcision, and casual callous medical malpractice (of doctors themselves circumcised) who treat any problem faced by a man with a foreskin as a excuse to circumcise him. Many of these doctors have a mindset that this is doing the man a favor, giving him the circumcision that his parents should have when he was a baby. Many adult men are circumcised without cause because our doctors do not understand normal male anatomy, and our sex help starts with "let's give you a "normal" circumcised penis and then we'll look at your problem."

I think that something you should encourage on your website is the copious use of lubricants, the friction experienced by circumcised masturbators is also an unnaturally intense stimulation that is a overall part of the chain of events which was started when the child's glans was externalized as an infant. I think there is a great service to be done for these young men if they are taught from a young age to treat their penis gently, and not to handle themselves so fiercely that they would cause a callous on their knuckles or abrasions on their penis. I think if the use of lubricants is made well known and the lubricants made available to them that they will develop a more gentle habit and not one which compounds itself for needing more and more stimulation.

There is a possibility for circumcised men to stretch and regrow their remaining penis skin to take the function of a foreskin, although some anatomies can never be replaced, the surface and sensitivity of the glans usually changes dramatically and the methods of masturbation also evolve as their ability to stimulate the glans inside their own skin develops. Most men who have restored report a tremendous change in their sexual feelings, the quality of their orgasm and their feelings of satisfaction with sex. Some men who look into restoring are experiencing the same types of difficulty that the TMS men are reporting, including the inability to maintain and keep satisfying relationships because their penis is so numb to the usual stimulations you'd get with a partner. They have an inability to maintain and erection or to reach orgasm from vaginal penetration.

Also there is a product that may be of some interest to circumcised men not interested in restoring that might bring back some of the delicate sensation of their glans. Wearing this undergarment may fit into the routine of TMS rehab abstaining and may help the physical and emotional buildup to the time when the man tries to masturbate on his back.

Since you are dealing directly with people who have been harmed by the removal of a large amount of their sexual sensitivity, I think you need to look into the issue of infant circumcision a little deeper. In countries where they traditionally mutilate the genitals of women, they do not realize that the infections and problems that are caused are the direct result of what has been done to their genitals, those people just think that those are female troubles, and do not know that women who are not mutilated do not usually suffer from such problems. Although you are looking at TMS as the root of a greater sexual dysfunction (the inability to get enough stimulation any other way) I think you need to back out of the trees and realize that TMS is a sexual dysfunction which may be caused by the removal of some of the most refined and sensitive anatomy on a man's penis. That is the forest you are faced with... a nation of men who have had their sexual experience meddled with who do not even know it.

I think you are doing a great service to these men and I appreciate your efforts, I think with some more research on your part that you will be able to have a greater understanding of the nature of the problem. I also anticipate that hearing from men who have Phimosis will become quite commonplace for you, and I wanted you to be able to develop a list of links and resources that offer them hope and encouragement with respect. You need to develop your understanding of their problem so that you can give them the best level of support.

A social aspect of this that you should be aware of is that Phimosis is frequently blamed on poor hygiene. This is utterly unfair to these people and it is also counterproductive in producing a social stigma that might prevent a man from seeking help. For one, many men become vulnerable to phimosis when an overzealous caretaker (mother?) is instructed by a Dr. to retract and clean under his foreskin from infancy onward. This creates two things- a ring of scarred tissue at the tip of his penis, and an attitude that his penis is something dirty that needs to be cleaned. When his foreskin finally becomes non-retractile for good, this is blamed on not cleaning it enough when the reverse is true- it was all that invasive prying on his baby body which caused it. Once a foreskin is non-retractile, it is true that regular hygiene can be very difficult, the hygiene difficulty is the effect and not the cause. If there was a common rumor that "Girls who do not wash properly may suffer from menstrual cramps" Very few girls would be willing to confess that they suffered from them and ask for help... the fact is, anyone can suffer from menstrual cramps, just as anyone can suffer from phimosis. An effort should be made to remove any stigma of poor hygiene from the discussion of phimosis because it is not helpful to these men. I am sure that you understand when dealing with such intimate matters you must tread as kindly as possible and frequently the biggest hurdle these people face is their own embarrassment and not the actual problem. Plain speak and respect in this online media is a great way to reach people and to help them feel better about themselves and begin to heal. You are in a great position to do this. is not designed to provide medical advice and does not provide medical advice. All material is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Please review the information contained on carefully and confer with your doctor, psychologist, or other health care professional as needed. Copyright 2002-2016 by