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Hi, I am 18 years old and I have been masturbating for about one year. I masturbate no more then 7 times a week and sometimes even less than that. For the past one week , I have come across a problem while masturbating which has really worried me. The lower back side of my head starts aching the moment I ejaculate. The pain is horrendous, as if some one is hitting me on my head. I tried this thrice and each time, the pain hit me. I haven't had the courage to masturbate after this pain started. Can you please help me?

This could be a simple problem known as "orgasm headache" (do a web search on that term to learn more) or it could be a sign of something more serious. Only a doctor can rule out a serious problem. You need to take this up with a doctor, and NOW! Don't be embarassed to tell the doctor. They masturbate too, you know.

Hi, I masturbate daily, and I have no problem ejaculating within minutes, but when I'm having sex with women, I can't orgasm, even after hours. I don't masturbate prone. What's wrong? (I'm 18.)

Although most prone guys have anorgasmia, prone masturbation isn't the only cause. Excessive masturbation in the normal way can also cause anorgasmia. What's excessive? If you can't reach orgasm with a woman, you're masturbating too often. You might start by abstaining from masturbation for 5 days before your next sexual encounter. Once you get used to having sex with women, you'll probably be able to masturbate a day or two before and still have an orgasm with your partner.

I'm a virgin, but I've got genital warts. I get one every couple weeks on the top of my scrotum. They go away after a few days but keep coming back. How could I have caught this? Could I have had a dirty hand when I was doing myself?

If you're a virgin, you can't have genital warts. At least, it's extremely unlikely you caught it fooling around with a partner if you didn't have intercourse. Plus, genital warts don't go away by themselves in a matter of days. I suspect the problem isn't a dirty hand when you masturbated but a messy genital area when you finished. If you don't clean up and the semen just runs down your privates, it clogs the pores and the result is the same as clogged pores anyplace else ... ordinary zits. If you're really worried, see your doctor, but I suspect if you keep the area clean (mop up with a tissue or rag) the problem will go away soon.

Can masturbation cause acne in some people?

No. That ugly rumor got started because most people start masturbating and get acne at about the same age.

Does masturbation or frequent sex cause hair loss? I masturbate once every two days, and I recently turned 18 and have been suddenly noticing that I have been losing more hair than usual. Is it because of ejaculation?

That's an interesting question. Sexual activity doesn't directly cause hair loss, but hair loss is caused by interaction of the follicle with testosterone, which you of course know is the main male sex hormone. And sexual activity increases testosterone production. I'm not a doctor, but at age 18, I suspect that your testosterone levels would be about the same regardless of how much ejaculation you're doing. (And the masturbation frequency you report is low for your age.) If it's in your genes to be bald, it's going to happen sooner or later. The only cure for baldness is castration. And you don't want to do that.

If I were you, I'd enjoy my sexuality and not worry that it's increasing my hair loss. You might also pursue hair loss treatments, like minoxodil.

I am 15 years old and no matter how many times I masturbate and try to ejaculate it simply won't happen. I have never ejaculated despite my attempts. Does this have anything to do with the fact that I have absolutely no pubic hair on my body except for a small portion around my pubic region? (age 15)

I get this question all the time from 12 and 13 year olds and I tell them to wait until they're 15 to worry about it. At your age, I'd say you're justified in worrying. You ought to see a doctor. Your parents don't have to know why you're seeing the doctor. The doctor will probably start by testing your blood testosterone levels. Good luck.

I'm 19 and in college. I've probably been masturbating for 6-7 years altogether. When I started, I would use soap as a sort of lube. That was all well up until maybe 4 or 5 years ago when I could no longer control my urine flow after I finished urinating. Some of it would linger in my urethra I guess, and there was no conceivable way I could find to fix the problem. I just keep a towel by the toilet so that every time I used it I could clean up. (age 19)

Whenever you get soap near your privates, you have to wash it off thoroughly. I suggest switching to a lube made especially for sex, like K-Y Liquid or Astroglide, and see if that clears up your drip.

The other day I was sitting on the toilet and I was sort of constipated. When I strained to get it out I ejaculated. I have been masturbating for about a year and I have been ejaculating for about a 9 months. I hadn't even touched my penis and I did not have an orgasm because there were no muscle contractions. Any idea what happened? (age 14)

Obviously, if you ejaculated, there were muscle contractions. Sounds like just a freak occurrence. I'm guessing it wasn't very much fun. Ejaculation without orgasm generally isn't.

I would like to know if too much ejaculation decreases the growth homones. I have always been quite tall in school when I was very young until the age of 14, when I had my first orgasm. That's also when I stopped growning taller. My dad's short. The first few times I ejaculated, I have a very strong orgasm. But now whenever I ejaculate, sperm comes out from my penis but I don't feel any orgasm anymore. (age 18)

Masturbation does not affect your growth hormones. The guys who were tallest in my elementary school class are now average height. Your dad being short suggests why you stopped growing. You might try masturbating less frequently for a while and see if your orgasms feel better.

I am currently having trouble. I masturbate up to 5 times a day and now I don't ejaculate, and I have lower back pain. Can too much masturbation lead to these problems? (age 21)

Definitely. Lower back pain is generally caused by too much of something. A lot of guys have trouble ejaculating after masturbating only twice. You need to cut back.

I used to masturbate incorrectly but I have since tried to pull the foreskin down to the bottom. When I get an erection, my foreskin feels tight on the left side and loose on the right side. What should I do? (age 16)

I think you should leave the foreskin alone as much as possible for a few weeks or months and see if it makes a difference.

You stated above that semen is made mostly of proteins so it was OK to eat it. If I eat foods with a lot of protein could this increase my ejaculate? If I eat less protein, would it lessen my ejaculate? (age 13)

Your protein intake would not have a significant effect on your semen composition. Of course, if you're malnourished, your body is going to have a hard time producing semen and other essential fluids. But an excess of protein would not be funneled directly to your privates.

You have said to use Vaseline Dermatology Formula for bruising on the penis. However all the online stores I've been on say that the product has been discontinued. Do you recommend anything else? (age 17)

Any lotion might help, but the active ingredient in Vaseline Dermatology Formula is dimethicone. Might look for one containing that.

I am 15 and I have been masturbating since I was 12. Lately the under part of my penis has turned red (following the vein there). Is this dangerous? What is wrong?

That sounds normal. You might quit masturbating for a week and see if it makes a difference. If so, you might need to modify your masturbating habits somewhat, like using lube.

I'm 17 and I have been masturbating since I was 12, possibly earlier. I think it is affecting my stamina. Does masturbating decrease the stamina?

No, it doesn't. But like any activity, it uses energy and takes time.

I noticed that I have grown wart/pimple-like bumps on the part of my penis that comes in contact with my bed. I think it's because of prone masturbation. Have you heard of this happening to anyone and is there a way to get rid of them? (age 17)

I've heard of guys getting zits in the genital area because they don't clean up after masturbating. And of course, warts can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases. I haven't heard of any caused specifically by prone masturbation. But I recommend quitting prone masturbation anyway.

Hi, I'm a 33 year old old male and I have had an increasingly difficult time of achieving a satisfactory erection during sex with a partner and haven't been able to achieve an orgasm. Currently I'm using Viagra but with no noticeable improvement.

I have never masturbated the prone way, but I suspect that a incident while masturbating 3 years ago may be at least partially the cause of my problems, for that is why i noticed a dramatic drop-off in my erections' firmness. During that time I was masturbating several times a day. I developed a bruise on my penis which looked like a bulging vein on the left side about and inch from the head. This was where my hand was exerting the most pressure. Rather than use good judgment and stop masturbating until it healed, I tried to work around the problem which probably made it worse. Eventually the bruise healed, but I don't think my erection has been as firm ever since.

I am wondering if I may have permanently damaged my penis. Currently I'm involved with a woman and it has been frustrating for me. But even as little as 4 months ago I would still get occasional erections while sleeping which were harder than what I would achieve while masturbating, but they for whatever reason have ceased the last few months.

I don't think you permanently damaged it. Bulging veins like that are rather common. It seems unlikely that an injury that long ago would only show up now. You might check with your doctor to rule out a physical problem. I assume you're in consultation with one since you're taking Viagra. It seems more likely to me that it's nerves. You probably have a lot of erections while sleeping that you don't know about because you're asleep. To prove this to yourself, you can affix some postage stamps (the old-fashioned gummed kind) around your penis, and when you wake up, the perforations will be broken. You might find a treatment for sexual anxiety as your main problem.

I am 15 years old. I am skinny little weakling that only weighs 110 pounds at 5' 7" and I want to start lifting weights so I can grow a more massive, stronger body. And I wanted to know if masturbation makes you lose your body strength because every time I masturbate I don't have the same energy and strength as I did before I masturbated. The same thing happens to all my friends who masturbate. I masturbate about once a week. Why do I feel weak when I masturbate? How often should I masturbate to be in perfect healthy and physical condition?

Any kind of sexual release -- intercourse, masturbation -- does expend energy. That's one reason so many people have sex and masturbate at bedtime; it helps people fall asleep. The feeling of "weakness" you describe -- you should really think of it as a feeling of satisfaction -- only lasts for a while. If you don't fall asleep, you should be feeling the same as you did before you masturbated about an hour later. We heard a case of someone who occasionally masturbates before heading to the gym and gets a smug feeling looking around and wondering if anyone else has enjoyed himself so recently. He doesn't think it affects his workouts. There is no answer to your last question. I can only say that most guys your age masturbate much more often than you say you do and still have plenty of energy. And don't worry so much about your weight. You'll gain eventually, whether you want the extra weight or not.

Is it common sometimes to not have an orgasm after masturbation? It happened like 3 weeks ago for the first time, and just happened again. Is this sometimes normal? I'm 13 and I masturbate once every day.

Yes, it is. Not having an orgasm from sexual activity is called anorgasmia. anorgasmia is the most frequent complaint of men who masturbate prone, but men who don't masturbate prone suffer from it occasionally too. It usually happens when males get distracted and are unable to focus on having an orgasm. It's more likely to happen when one has had an orgasm recently. In your case, I should point out that you don't have to masturbate every single day, although most guys your age do. I think after an episode of anorgasmia you'd be more likely to be successful if you wait 24 hours before trying again.

Follow-up question: What if I ejaculate but don't have an orgasm? Is that normal?

It has happened to most males but it's not what you'd call normal. Essentially what happened is that you lost the orgasm. Most men would say the ejaculation is not very pleasant when that happens. Proof indeed that orgasm is more than just something happening in the sex organs. It's likely to be yet another manifestation of one's inability to concentrate; most of the time when a male can't concentrate, he can neither reach orgasm nor ejaculate. But sometimes he will lose the orgasm and still ejaculate. As long as it's not happening a lot, I don't think you have anything to worry about. And if it's happening a lot, try doubling your interval between ejaculations. (If you're trying to ejaculate daily, only try every other day until you have the problem under control.)

I'm 15 and I have been masturbating since I was about 12. I used to do it a lot but don't do it as much anymore, only about once or twice a day. But I have noticed that I have become quite muscular through it I think. You will say this is through puberty but all of my friends who are around the same age also masturbate but don't look the same as me. I sort of look like a weightlifter. I am wondering if this is just my genes. I am only 5 foot 5, but weigh more than some people who are quite a bit taller than me. I am just wondering if this has been brought about by excessive masturbation.

I'm not sure your masturbation is excessive. Guys who do it a lot when they start at tend to cut back after about two years, so I'd say your pattern is normal. Your frequency is a little high, but I wouldn't call it excessive.

Your height and weight and build are all determined by your genes. You can alter your weight somewhat through diet and exercise. Masturbation has next to nothing to do with it.

I have a serious question. I wrestle a lot and sometimes I get kicked in the testicles or they get accidentally sat on. So will I still be able to ejaculate in the future if I get keep getting kicked it the privates? It only happened 6 times. (age 12)

You need to safeguard your genitals against injury. You should be wearing a protective cup or at least an athletic supporter when you're wrestling. What's at issue is not your ability to ejaculate but your ability to father children. Six times is too many injuries for a 12-year-old.

I am a diabetic who has impotence. I use Viagra but can't generate semen. What vitamins or foods should I use? How can I correct this problem? (age 71)

Your problem is beyond the scope of this site. Many older men can enjoy orgasm even if they can't ejaculate. It might be just something to get used to.

I have been masturbating since I was twelve. In one of your answers you said it isn't possible to maintain an erection for three to six hours. I masturbate at least four times a week. It typically takes 35 to 45 minutes to have an orgasm. I have gone up to four hours of masturbating and then orgasming, and when I do this the orgasm is stronger. I am wondering if masturbating for such a length of time will harm me. Also I started a new job, because of the hours, I was not able to find time to masturbate. About a week after starting, I had my first wet dream ever. If I start masturbating again, as frequently, will I have another? (age 17)

It sounds like something is wrong. At 17 you should be able to reach orgasm within 5 minutes. There's nothing wrong with going 35 minutes if you're enjoying yourself, but spending that long should be an occasional thing. For routine daily masturbation, most guys do it in 5-10 minutes. That would solve your time management problem with the new job. I can't believe that four hours of masturbating would be healthy or even fun. Surely you're not erect that whole time; I imagine your erection wanes and waxes. Your wet dream resulted from not masturbating. If you resume your normal four times a week, you probably won't have more wet dreams.

Hi, your site is very useful! I know that masturbation is "healthy" but I do it compulsively. It is affecting my work and relationships. I am 27 and have been doing it since puberty. Sessions are extremely short, and I can do it anytime, anywhere with a few simple thoughts - and I am usually irritable, very tired and stressed very soon after ejaculation. I never used to be this way when I was younger. I would like to stop completely, but am having trouble doing it or finding information on how to stop. Most sites just say "keep on going ... it's normal!" It's not with me.

You have several problems to work on. First, make a point of cutting back to once a day. Don't say you can't do that. Second, try to extend your sessions to at least five minutes. Third, find some ways to de-stress besides masturbation. It might be just a phase. You say it wasn't this way when you were younger. Try not to be that way when you're older.

I think I'll ejaculate in a couple of months but now my problem is I think about sex every day since I was 12 and I can't stop even in my dreams sometime! And in public I don't know why but I'm scared to think about sex because I think someone knows. Can you tell me if I am losing my mind? What is the pituitary gland? I heard it's in the brain and decides when the body should start puberty. Can that gland get damaged? (age 13)

It's normal to think about sex every day once you start puberty. People can't read your mind. If you think they can, you suffer from paranoia and need psychological help. What you heard about the pituitary gland is correct. Don't worry about it getting damaged. It's well protected inside your head.

I'm 14 and my backbone is slightly curved. It is inherited from my mother. Will masturbating affect it? I also tend to bend down while masturbating. Will it harm me in any way?

Masturbating won't affect your spine. There is no reason to bend down while masturbating. Learn it on your back before you experiment with sitting or bending.

I am an active and healthy male who has been masturbating since age 6 or 7. During my 30s and 40s, I did extensive long distance bicycling, often for 3 to 4 hours between stops. In certain positions on the bike, I noticed my penis become numb. My penis could not even feel my hand in my shorts when trying to adjust my seating position. After stopping, the sensation would gradually return over about an hour.

I had no idea at the time that this might be potentially harmful, but apparently it was because quite suddenly (over a 3 or so month period) at about age 48, I began to notice that it was more difficult to acheive orgasm while masturbating in the shower.

I am still able to have an erection but it comes by mental imagery as much as through stimulation. The loss of sensation has slowly progressed to the point where I seldom can have an orgasm during sex unless she also stimulates my nipples.

Can anything be done to restore the lost sensitivity I once enjoyed? Viagra is of some help as the increased size does seem to enhance sensitivity but I don't like the accompanying headache. (age 63)

You have a physical problem which is beyond the scope of this site. For that, you need to see a doctor. A smaller dose of Viagra might not cause headache. Be glad you're not impotent. Lots of men a lot younger need mental imagery in addition to physical stimulation. Thank you for sharing the hazards of some bicycle seats for the penis and male sexual health.

I masturbate all the time. When I get horny (which is a lot) I stroke it. My penis is brown and raw. Do I need to stop whacking it? (age 11)

If your penis hurts, you're doing it too much. Try quitting until your penis is back to normal and then do it no more than twice a day.

I have been masturbating for the last ten years now. I really enjoy it as it is my only means of releasing trapped pressure that I accumulate daily in my work and other activities. Lately I have found a way to increase the length of the masturbating period and hence the enjoyment for longer periods of time. I sit in front of the Internet or porn movies for two to three hours and keep stroking myself and holding back my orgasm. I am afraid that these long periods of holding back ejaculation will block the sperm ducts as the semen solidifies. I am not married but am concerned that blocking the ducts like this can destroy my ability to have kids. This may sound a bit weird but it is worrying me. (age 24)

Masturbation is not the only way to relieve stress. Some people engage in vigorous sports, like racquetball and running for the same reason. In my opinion, masturbating for hours at a time with no orgasm is not healthy. But I've never heard of it contributing to infertility. The sperm and semen cannot clog the ducts. That's not something to worry about. You'd probably enjoy yourself more if you kept your sessions to normal length (less than half an hour).

After I ejaculate, my abdominal and pelvic area hurts for a few seconds. (age 14)

That's not good. It might be you're overworking your prostate gland by ejaculating too much. In that case, you need to cut down to no more than three times a week until the pain goes away. If the pain persists, you need to see a doctor.

Sometimes when I masturbate I keep the semen in my body for a while and then later let it out. Is this bad? (age 16)

It's probably not harmful, but it shouldn't feel good either. What you're doing is inducing a condition called vasocongestion, better known as blue balls. For most guys, the orgasm is the main reason to masturbate. I don't know why you'd want to stop in the middle and then pick up later.

I have a good erection but I can't come. (age 73)

At your age, it might be a physical problem you would need to see a doctor about. If you were younger, I'd suggest relaxing as much as possible and focusing on something very erotic, even pictures. At any age, one is apt to have an easier time reaching orgasm the longer it's been since the last one.

I sometimes wear a lubed condom when I masturbate. Is this OK? Is it OK to use Vaseline as a lube? (age 13)

If you were in your 20s and had been masturbating for close to 10 years, I would say fine. But at 13, I think you should be learning to do it with your hand (with or without lube). If you prefer the condom to bare, I suspect you haven't learned how to do it without roughing yourself up. Vaseline is a little thicker than what most guys like, but it's certainly OK. Good luck.

What are the side effects of masturbation? Does your testosterone level drop to low if you are a teenager? (age 17)

I'm not a doctor, but I think sexual activity, including masturbation, would tend to increase, rather than decrease, your testosterone level. One side effect is that you will be more relaxed for a while after you masturbate.

What is a floating testicle? (age 16)

A floating testicle is one that moves around in the scrotum too much. When a testis moves around excessively, the vas deferens (the tube that carries the sperm) and blood vessels that connect to it can become twisted, possibly causing a serious medical condition called torsion. There is a surgical procedure called orchiopexy in which the testis is fixed in place to keep it from moving too much.

I normaly masturbate at night, the day after I seem to wake up for school with a little dificulty. Also I have a suspicion that when I ejaculate it gives me pimples on my face the next 1 or 2 days. (age 16)

Keep in mind that masturbating at bedtime takes away from your sleep time. Masturbating does not cause pimples. To prove this, stop masturbating for a couple of weeks and see if your face is any better.

I have masturbated 2 to 3 times a day since I was 13 and am wondering if that may be the cause of my inability to ejaculate when I have sexual intercourse. I can go on for hours without ejaculation and have to relieve myself by hand in the end. (age 29)

Excessive masturbation is often the cause of sexual dysfunction even when one doesn't practice prone masturbation. Once a day would be a normal frequency for someone your age. Might try to abstain from masturbating altogether for 3-4 days before having sexual intercourse.

About two years ago a spot on my penis developed that was a little bit darker than the rest of it. After consulting a doctor, I was told that it was just a change in pigment and there was nothing I could do about it. I've come to you for a second opinion. Is there anything that I can do to make the spot go back to normal? (age 18)

This is well outside my bailiwick. I suggest a second opinion from a dermatologist.

I had been masturbating prone style for years. Now I masturbate lying down on my right side. Is that still harmful? It is not easy for me to do it face-up. (age 30)

I don't think doing it on your right side is harmful unless you're doing it by thrusting and not using your hand. If you're having a hard time masturbating supine, then I'd say you're still feeling the aftereffects of prone masturbation. You should work on masturbating on your back in a satisfactory fashion, then see if you still want to do it on your side.

I have been masturbating for about a year. Just recently I started getting a headache right before I orgasm. Is this normal? I reach orgasm in about two minutes. How can I last longer? Is there any way to pleasure yourself than masturbating regularly? (age 13)

It sounds like you have orgasm headaches. Why not do a web search on that term and read some of the pages. I've never heard of someone your age having them. To last longer, when you feel that orgasm is imminent, distract yourself for a second and try to get another minute. When you can get to 3 minutes, try to last four. Lots of activities are pleasurable but ejaculating brings on a special kind of pleasure that can't be accomplished any other way.

Yesterday I masturbated and everything happened as it usually does. But afterward, my testicles started to hurt, then when I urinated it hurt. What's wrong? Please don't tell me to go see a doctor! I'm scared of doctors and needles! (age 13)

If you've been sexually active, these are signs of venereal diseases, in which case you'd need to see a doctor, who would treat it with an injection. (To avoid doctors and needles, practice safe sex.) If you haven't been sexually active, it might be you've just been masturbating too much lately. Just take a rest for a couple of days. If you feel severe pain, you need to see a doctor ASAP.

I have been masturbating on average of 10 - 14 times a day, sometimes more for years. I know this is compulsive now. I have been having trouble getting erections...could I have caused some damage? My urologist ruled out Peyronie's Disease. As the erections became less and less, I developed a technique when flaccid where I would grip the base of my penis and pull down toward the head and then with my other hand pull down on the testicles. It would help the erection. Just a few months ago I could get hard just thinking about it, but now it's not moving at all. There was never any pain but I am wondering if after a year or so of this that it would develop nerve damage.(age 31)

I think you need to seek professional help from a competent sex therapist. You have to cut down to masturbating no more than twice a day, and you might have to quit altogether for a few weeks so it can be determined if you have any physical damage. I suggest professional help because I don't think you will be able to get down from your current frequency on your own. Did you tell the urologist of your masturbatory frequency? Good luck.

Whenever I masturbate, when I ejaculate, it causes an immense inward force on my rectum and abdomen. It causes rectal pressure to force back the waste matter into the large intestine. It causes slight a constipation problem. Does it happen to me only or it happens with everyone? Should I contact a doctor? Otherwise I am completely healthy in sexual matters. (age 23)

It does not happen to everyone. Anal contractions are not unusual at the point of orgasm, but if you're having "immense" forces and developing constipation, then I think a doctor would need to check you out to see if there is an anatomic problem.

What is prostate cancer? Does prostate cancer have to do anything with masturbation? (age 13)

Prostate cancer is malignant growth in the prostate gland. A survey released in July 2003 found that men who masturbated five or more times a week in their 20s had the least chance of getting prostate cancer later.

Thanks for an informative site. Most of the time when I masturbate I use two hands, one cupped around the base of my penis and the other around on top, creating stimulation on the back of its head. I have been sexually active on and off for about 6 years and haven't had too much trouble, other than occasional anorgasmia. I masturbate regularly, usually once a day. Does using one hand really make that much difference, or is everyone a little different in what feels the best? Should I make an effort to change? (age 26)

I haven't heard that using two hands is a problem, but you report a problem with anorgasmia. The base doesn't get as much stimulation in intercourse and that's one reason prone guys have trouble. I think you should make sure you can masturbate with one hand concentrating, as most guys do, on the shaft, the frenulum (the part just below the head on the underside), and the rim of the head. Try to stay off the base and head if you can.

When I masturbate I grab my penis through a blanket so that it simulates a vagina. Is that OK? (age 13)

I don't think so. For some reason, masturbating normally simulates the feeling of a vagina better than anything you can do to make a more realistic "vagina."

I just want to add to my earlier question, if I continue after orgasm it hurts. Is it OK to do it this way? (age 13)

If it hurts, it's not OK. You're supposed to stop masturbating when you have an orgasm, just like you're supposed to stop running for a bus once you've caught it.

I have never had problems getting erections, as a matter of fact, I used to think I got too many. I would have sex with my girlfriend twice a day and we would be fine. We hadn't had sex for a month because she was away at school, and she came back and I couldn't keep it up. I have always masturbated the right way, but in the past month I have been masturbating by putting my penis underneath my mattress. Is only one month of this causing me to not be erect? If so, what do I do? (age 19)

Putting your penis under the mattress is a more brutal behavior than thrusting it against the mattress. It seems like doing that even once could harm you. You need to cut that out right away and maybe take some time to recuperate before masturbating or engaging in intercourse.

I have noticed lately pimples in my genital area. They come and I can pop them like an ordinary pimple but they are recurring in the exact same spot. They don't form everywhere. Could it be from clogged pores or just bacteria forming? (age 16)

If you've been sexually active, it would be a good idea to see a doctor about them. You might also use something to clear them up and not pop them, which can make any bacteria spread.

I heard that snoking marijuana can stomp your sperm. But if your body produces sperm every day won't that damaged sperm be replaced by new sperm just produced? That means that it only stomps sperm temporarily, right? Please explain this to me because I'm confused. (age 13)

It is believed that marijuana inhibits the production of sperm. It doesn't stomp the ones already produced; it keeps new ones from being produced in the quantity needed.

I recently began masturbating (about a month ago). For the past week I have done it a few times a day. Sometimes I don't even get an orgasm. How can you tell if what comes out is precum or semen? When I masturbate, the liquid just slowly drips out. There is a small red sore right under the head of my penis. (age 13)

You don't get an orgasm every time when you masturbate too much. That is also the cause of the sore. Pre-cum is always clear but semen comes out white.

I have red (purple) in some places of my penis and my scrotum, and does masturbation have any effect on this? Sometimes I feel burning while urinating and you told me that I should see a doctor but I forgot to mention that it's intermittent and when I drink a good amount of water the burning disappears, so what do you think I have? Sometimes my testes hurt me for a couple of minutes and it will go. If I need to see a doctor what type of doctor should I go to?

You have physical complaints, which are beyond my expertise. Just go to your primary care physician.

Does masturbation cause acne blemishes? What should I do to avoid it? (age 20)

No, it doesn't. You'll have to find a solution to acne that doesn't involve masturbating.

I know I should really be seeking medical help, but I just wanted to get your advice about something which is a little embarrassing. About 2-3 years ago I started masturbating regularly, but from then on my ability to get a hard erection has lessened greatly and now I hardly ever get a real erection. Also, I can only last like 30 secs before ejaculating! I dunno if it has anything to do with it, but I often feared after masturbating that I wouldn't be able to have an erection. It's been like this for ages and I'm really worried about it, what could be the problem? (age 17)

I think it's in your head. You need to accept masturbation as normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for males.

I have started masturbating a lot more recently. Once I cut myself doing it, and a scab formed, so I stopped for a while, and now I have a black mark on the left side of my penis. It's been there for about 1.5 months, and I just thought it was a bruise, but now I dont know what it is. (age 17)

You need to see a doctor about that.

I posted earlier about painful ejaculation. I waited 4 more days and when I ejaculated it still hurt just a little. Not as much as last time but I think I might know why. Right before I ejaculated I flexed which kind of stopped it and not all the semen came out. But the flex was uncontrollable. (age 14)

I think you need to bring the uncontrollable flex under control. If that doesn't work, you should see a doctor about the pain.

I usually masturbate twice a day but one night I did it for about 2 hours. I held back the orgasm then stopped, waited, then kept masturbating. Finally I ejaculated but got a bit of a pain on my lower abdomen and my testes felt sore. (age 17)

You asked for that through that brutal routine. I hope you won't do it again. The pain was probably not in your testicles but your prostate.

When I feel above my testicles, I feel like a whole bunch of veins. It feels like a whole bunch of cords connected to my testicles what is that? (age 13)

What you describe sounds like a variocele. You should have it checked out by a doctor now.

Is it normal to have a slight bump over the top of your right testicle? I can sort of feel the same thing on the top of my left one, but not as much. (age 15)

Some bumps are a normal part of the anatomy, and some are not. It would be a good idea to see a doctor. Always make sure your doctor examines your testes when you're in. A monthly testicular self-examination for tumors is also recommended.

Is it possible to give yourself blisters when you are masturbating, because i have notice 4 little whiteish spots but they are very small and on top of my foreskin. (age 15)

I'm not even sure penile blisters are possible. I'm not sure if the lymphatic system (which is a part of blister formation) runs through the skin of the penis. They might be pearly penile papules, but only a doctor could say for sure.

I masturbate about 5 times a week, maybe more. When I ejaculate, sometimes there is pain. I find it very hard to ejaculate without holding back the semen for 2-3 seconds. Is that what causes the pain sometimes? Do you know anything that would help me to stop holding back the ejaculation? (age 15)

Most guys your age have trouble holding the semen for even one second as I often advise them to do. Your behavior is atypical and might be causing the pain. You might try not holding it for a few times and see if that makes a difference. Just relax more as you're about to orgasm and don't exercise as much muscular control.

My penis starts to ache when I stroke it, and I never get aroused. Is this normal? (age 15)

No. You need to figure out what's making it hurt and correct it.

When I masturbate sometimes when I'm at it for a while, I start getting pains in my testicles. When I finally ejaculate, the pain gets much worse and lasts for a couple of hours. Hard to walk or move a lot. Is this normal or should I get it checked out? (age 24)

It's not normal, but I don't think you need medical attention yet. You should try to complete masturbation (go from arousal to ejaculation) in less than half an hour. Taking longer might bring on vasocongestion, also called blue balls. Try that and see if you notice a difference.

Can you tell me the difference from a regular tender testicle and a testicle that is tender due to injury? (age 12)

Either is bad, and might be caused by a serious medical condition called torsion. If you're in testicular pain, you should take it up with a doctor.

If I masturbate with my own spit, is it ok? I think it's better than lotion. (age 13)

Yes, a lot of males use saliva. Many later switch to a lube made for sex.

My boyfriend masturbates regularly, but only just "confessed" it to me (I had always just taken it as a given, and never really had an issue with it). He is incredibly ashamed of doing it, and says that he gets migraines about 3 days after when he does. He thinks that if he stopped masturbating that the migraines will go away. I think this is complete bunk, and that he's working himself up into such a state of guilt that he's bringing stress migraines upon himself. I would like him to be more comfortable with his body, and realize that masturbation is natural and healthy. But I wanted to know if I was on the right track with this. (age 19)

Yes, you're very much on the right track. There is such a thing as orgasm headache, but they come immediately and not three days later. Many males, especially younger ones, are completely embarrassed by admitting they masturbate, and you should take it as a positive sign for your relationship that your boyfriend has done that much.

I don't understand erectile dysfuntion. Is it that you simply can't get an erection? (age 12)

Yes, that's right. I hope you won't have to think about it for a very long time.

I've noticed that urine comes out during ejaculation and gives a yellow colour to my semen. What should I do? Does diet help in this respect? (age 18)

Urine is not always yellow. It's probably coming from your prostate. You might experiment by drinking enough water that your urine is clear. If you can urinate clear before and after ejaculating yellow, the problem is not urine. I don't think diet will make a difference.

I really like your site! Whenever I masturbate, the next day I get pimples on my face. Does masturbation cause acne? (age 18)

No. You can prove it by avoiding masturbating for a week and seeing if your face is any different.

For about one year I have noticed a small, white, hard (filled), dot on my penis (not at the tip) but in the last 2 days it has gotten bigger and started to hurt when I touch it. Is this dangerous? (age 15)

It might be perfectly normal, but only a doctor can say for sure.

Someone gave me a nipple-twister and it hurt like hell! That was almost 4 months ago, and I still have this bruise. It looks bigger and abnormal to my other one. I bring this up because masturbating makes my other nipple get bigger, but the weird one stays the same. I was wondering if I should do anything about it. Does prone masturbation permanently hurt you? I think I've only done that 7 times in a year of masturbating. (age 12)

You might have a doctor look at the nipple if it's not better after that long. Most prone guys suffer no permanent damage even after 20 years. But it would be a good idea to never do it again.

I have been masturbating for a few years now. Usually I masturbate once a day. Why does my penis tingle and sometimes have a slight burning sensation when I urinate? It also has this same sensation after I masturbate in the bathroom and urinate afterwards. My health teacher recently talked about how some STDs have the burning sensation symptom. I have never had sex before but can I catch the same disease masturbating? (age 15)

No. You can't catch an STD masturbating. A slight burning sensation in the penis is normal when urinating after ejaculating or when your urine has been collecting for a long time, like first thing in the morning. If you don't have the feeling the second time you urinate after you ejaculate, then I don't think you have anything to worry about.

I found out that I have variocele. Does a male with variocele ejaculate as much as a male without? (age 13)

Variocele may affect the amount of sperm in the ejaculate but it does not affect the total volume of ejaculate.

I masturbate 6-7 times a month and I think my penis has gotten crooked as a result of this overmasturbation. (age 21)

Six or seven times a month is definitely not overmasturbation. Undermasturbation, probably. Most penile curves develop naturally, and so yours probably would have gotten a curve no matter how often you had engaged in intercourse and masturbation in that time. If it's not painful or lacking sensitivity, you have nothing to worry about.

Just recently, I was masturbating having a normal erection until right before I reached climax. I noticed that very little semen was present and my penis went very soft faster than usual. The morning after masturbating I usually can get a good erection but in this case I was unable to achieve a normal erection. My penis does not feel as strong as in the past; the head is soft. I masturbate 3-4 times a week and have never experienced this problem before. Any ideas why this may be happening? (age 28)

It could be a normal part of aging, but more likely, it was just a substandard erection. You can't expect every erection to be King Kong style. Don't worry about it.

After I ejaculate, there is a slight burning sensation for 2-3 seconds afterward. Sometimes, after ejaculating it burns a little when I urinate too. Is this normal and if it isn't, is there anything I can do to stop it? (age 15)

That's a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. If you've been sexually active, you should see a doctor NOW. If not, it could be a result of not drinking enough water. Try drinking more water and see if the pain eases.

Follow-up: I wrote before about the burning sensation. I have not been sexually active, so I drank more water and it helped once. The next time I went to masturbate, my semen slowly dripped out instead of shooting out, which caused not all of it to be released. This has been happening more frequently of late. Is there any way I can avoid that from happening?

Don't worry about it so much. Concentrate on the feeling you're having and try not to watch.

I go to the gym and jerk off a lot. Will this decrease sperm counts and testicle size? (age 16)

No. I hope you mean you go to the gym a lot and you masturbate a lot.

I started to masturbate just about a week ago and after that started to do it every day. Now after I ejaculate It feels like my penis gets a bruise. Then the next day I'm fine. (age 12)

You're too rough. Try to be more gentle, and avoid touching the penile head as much as possible.

Does masturbation change how you will do in sports? I heard that if you masturbate 48 hours before a game you will play worse than if you had not masturbated. (age 13)

I'm a social scientist, so I like concrete data rather than what someone heard. I have never seen any hard evidence that what you claim is true. Anecdotally, I know that some of the very best athletes masturbate and/or engage in some of the most taxing sexual activity imaginable in the 48 hours before important games.

Can masturbation cause hemorrhoids? Can hemorrhoids cause erectile dysfunction? I sometimes squeeze my 'urination muscle' at ejaculation but it puts a strain on my sphincter muscle. (age 38)

Whatever you do, it should be in moderation. Try to squeeze gently. What you're doing, while probably not causing hemorrhoids, could exacerbate one that is already there. I don't know of a connection between hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction.

I used aloe vera as a lube a few times to ejaculate. I found that it dried the skin on my penis. I don't use it anymore but were the effects harmful? (age 15)


Sometimes during a lot of physical activity one of my testicles, the right one that hangs lower than the other, swells a little and hurts. It goes away, but it hurts for a while. Is this because I am irritating it too much? Will this affect ejaculating and sperm production?

You should take that up with a doctor. It could be a serious problem. You might try using an athletic supporter during your physical activity and see if that helps.

I was masturbating a little while ago and I think I masturbated too fast and my foreskin abruptly came off, and I slowly wrapped it up again. Am I in deep trouble? (age 19)

I hope you mean a small piece of skin. Maybe leave it alone for a few days and see if anything feels wrong.

Sometimes after masturbation or sex, I experience a constant sharp pain in my groin, concentrated in the area between my scrotum and my anus. It has sometimes happened spontaneously in the night (even when I haven't masturbated or had sex) but never during the day. It doesn't happen very often but does concern me. Do I have anything to worry about? (age 18)

It sounds like pain originating in your prostate, but only a doctor (a urologist probably) could say for sure. It's most often caused by ejaculating either too much or not enough. Constant sharp pain bears medical examination.

Can masturbation affect your mental health? I'm 21 and masturbate about once a day and also suffer from some anxiety and panic (although I've never seen a doctor about either). Masturbation actually makes me feel better for the time being, but I'm wondering if it might have a negative long term effect. Should I reduce?

I don't think that's necessary. Most males masturbate to relieve stress (among other reasons) at least some of the time. I don't think masturbating once a day is unhealthy. If you get to the point where you're masturbating 3-4 times a day mostly to relieve stress (and you might never get to that point), then that's compulsive masturbation and it's bad.

I masturbated for 5 hours straight yesterday. Now my penis is very swollen and bad looking. Will this go away? (age 20)

Yes, but you will not be able to enjoy masturbating (much) while it heals. When it does, please masturbate in moderation.

Can you use Vaseline as lubricant? (age 14)

It's a popular lubricant, especially among people too embarrassed to buy a lube made especially for sexual purposes.

I have been masturbating regularly for the last 2 1/2 years, once or twice a day. In the last week, I have noticed my semen has blood in it. This has happened twice. I do not know what is wrong. I am healthy and fit and do not have lumps on my testicles or anything like that. Is it because I have been masturbating a lot in the last week? I am very worried because it has never happened before. (age 16)

I think you should see a doctor. It's probably nothing, and a simple urine test could prove it. You don't need to tell the doctor how much you masturbate. Just say you ejaculate so many times a week, and if the doctor needs more information, he'll ask. (He probably won't.)

For the last year or so, the skin on my penis has been sore to the touch. Recently I had not had sex for about 5 days, then I masturbated with lube, and noticed a small "crack" on my penis that was bleeding a little. My wife and I are faithful so I don't think it can be an STD as we were both checked out before we got married. She gets yeast infections frequently. (age 26)

The only thing I can think of is to wash her fluids off your penis after intercourse. You might see a doctor about the bleeding skin problem. It's probably nothing, and a simple urine test could prove it. (Where have I heard that before?)

Yesterday I masturbated in the shower after being in the gym (lifting weights), and I felt a slight pain when I finished ejaculating. This pain lasted for 5-10 minutes. In about 30 minutes, I forced myself to urinate. (I feel good when I urinate after masturbating.) I felt a huge pain in my penis tip when only one drop of urine came out. It was so hurtful and lasted for 2-3 minutes. It's the second time I've felt this pain. Should I stop masturbating? I have some pains in my penis and testes which I asked you about before, and you always told me to go to the doctor. Can I wait another 5 years until I am 20 and can go by myself to the doctor, because it's really embarrassing to tell my parents, especially if these are a result of masturbating. Is it wrong to masturbate after lifting weights? Is it wrong or unhealthy if I stopped masturbating? (age 15)

You need to go to the doctor. You don't have to tell your parents, but they probably either know or assume you masturbate anyway. You could have a very simple problem, like a hernia, which could be fixed in a matter of weeks if you go now, but which could need surgery if you let it go too long. Lifting weights before masturbating should make no difference, unless you have a physical problem that a doctor needs to treat. I don't think you can quit masturbating, so why not go to the doctor and save everyone involved a lot of trouble?

Follow-up: I forgot to tell you that I have plenty of red and purple vessel-like threads visible on my scrotum. What are those? My friend's brother has in his testes some vessels which got bigger and bigger. Are those red and purple things the same? I heard that these things my friend's brother has will make him unable to father children.

These are all questions for the doctor.

Did you say it was a sign of an STD if it stung a little when you urinate after you masturbate? (age 13, suspected of submitting fake questions)

Painful urination is often a symptom of STDs, although it has other causes, some quite harmless. It is often normal to feel a burning sensation when urinating soon after masturbating.

I started masturbating 3 weeks ago and after 15 days, two small rashes appeared on the thick area of the head of my penis.and when I am erect, the area bcomes red and bigger. I always masturbate with my underwear. (age 17)

You might lose the underwear and try to touch the head while masturbating as little as necessary.

About a year ago I noticed that after I ejacuate, urination becomes slightly uncomfortable. I was wondering if I stopped masturbating would this go away. (age 17)

Yes, if you don't ejaculate, you won't have the discomfort while urinating afterward that some guys have. But not masturbating is apt to make you uncomfortable the rest of the time. It might help to urinate sooner after masturbating.

I'm a 17 year old male who masturbates two or three times a day. Is that healthy or is that an overdose? Also, I hear that masturbation causes hair on your scalp to thin a bit, which mine has. Is it due to masturbation?

It's a little high for your age, but I wouldn't call it an overdose. If your hair is going to go thin (or worse), it will happen no matter how often you masturbate.

Why does it hurt when you touch your penis when you're uncircumcised? (age 13)

It shouldn't. Uncircumcised guys typically masturbate more often than those who are circumcised.

Does masturbation cause back or spine pain? (age 26)

Like any other activity, masturbation can cause back pain. You might find a way to do it so it isn't causing that pain, or perhaps do it less, and see if the pain goes away.

The times I do not masturbate, my face is all right, but when I do, suddenly pimples appear on my face in excess. What should I do to avoid this? I do not want to stop masturbation. Please help me. (age 15)

It is only a coincidence. Masturbation does not cause acne. I hope you will continue to enjoy masturbating while you work on curing your acne.

I seem not to be able to completely empty my bladder because shortly after I finish urinating, I feel a slight amount of urine leakage. This is true especially at night. Can masturbation bring this on? (age 18)

If anything, masturbating should help you gain greater control of those muscles, as it's good exercise for them. Doing some Kegel exercises is bound to help.

I would like to know whether masturbation leads to having pimples. (age 22)

No. At your age, you might ask a doctor about antibiotic treatment. It can clear your skin in a hurry.

After masturbating, I often feel a sharp pain on the left side of my penis, at the base where it connects to the pelvis. I have seen a urologist; after testing me, he says it's nothing serious, but most likely a pinched nerve. How can I avoid this? Are there any remedies? I masturbate every couple of days, often for long periods (1-2 hrs). (age 29)

You shouldn't masturbate for that long. Five to fifteen minutes should be adequate. That might be what caused your problem in the first place. You didn't tell the urologist about that, did you?

I don't agree with your answer to the boy whose testicles were repeatedly getting crushed wrestling. You suggested a cup. He would be laughed at if he showed up at a meet or practice wearing a cup.

A few months ago, I was masturbating in the shower and ejaculated, and then later on at night, I masturbated again in my bed, but when i ejaculated, it burned, and it hurt really bad, and that night and the next day, my urethra still burned if touched at all. This eventually went away 2 or 3 days later, and I haven't had this problem since, and I've also had a sports physical, so I've been checked down in my testicle area. I never thought to question it, but I might as well ask if you know what happened? I've masturbated many times since then and haven't had this problem.

So the choice is whether to have safe testicles and get laughed at, or injured testicles? Hmm...

The only thing I can think of for your problem is that you got some soap or shampoo in your urethra when you masturbated in the shower. You would have been better off to get it checked out at the time. If it hasn't recurred, you probably don't need to worry about it.

Can one get dandruff from masturbation? (age 15)

Only if you're spending so much time doing it you don't have time for shampoo.

Thanks for answering questions. When I watch certain movies, pre-cum comes out of my penis. Someone told me that when that liquid comes out, it becomes necessary to masturbate. How true is this? (age 22)

Necessary, no. But if you are so aroused that you're leaking pre-cum, you might already be congested to the point where if you don't ejaculate, you'll have "blue balls." Even if you get "blue balls," you don't have to masturbate, but you might be uncomfortable for a while if you don't.

Doctors and professional body builders say that it is necessary in order to build your muscle to have high testosterone levels. Then how can masturbation not affect body building? (age 21)

Masturbation and sexual activity would tend to increase, rather than decrease, your testosterone levels. I suspect it would be a small change anyway.

About 2 years ago my penis started to hurt a lot when I started to urinate and now it still hurts a lot every time. When I ejaculate, the head of the penis feels weird and I can't masturbate anymore and have to wait a while until the pain/feeling goes away. Can you help me fix this and what is it? (age 13)

You need to see a doctor about the painful urination. You shouldn't wait two years before complaining. It's normal for the penis to get ultra-sensitive upon ejaculation. (Why else would anyone ever stop masturbating?) You might mention it to the doctor as well just in case it's related to the painful urination.

A very serious presentation! I would add more on masturbation lubricants, especially for circumcised penises. What are other causes of delayed orgasm? I masturbated prone at age 12-13 but gave it up early. I have always had delayed orgasm under most circumstances. Is there a connection? (age 50)

I doubt it. Most guys who quit masturbating prone find that their orgasms start happening more quickly very soon. There could be a physical problem or something neurological that your doctor would have to test for. Anti-depressant drugs frequently have sexual side effects, including anorgasmia. If you use them, you might ask to try one without sexual side effects.

I have a small white bump on the bottom part of the head of my penis. I have had it for a while and whenever I squeeze it, a little white substance comes out. I only have one but it's still noticeable. I'm still a virgin so it can't be from an STD. What do you think it is? (age 17)

It's probably akin to a zit, but only a doctor can say for sure.

I have never masturbated face down. However, I still have a problem ejaculating when having intercourse. I have masturbated frequently throughout my adult life and have never used lubricants. I think my problem is that sex feels so much different from masturbation. What can I do? Should I follow the steps for giving up prone? (age 33)

You don't need to go through the complete abstinence program, but it would be helpful if you could abstain from masturbating for 3-4 days before your next several acts of intercourse. If you find orgasm comes a lot more easily then, you'll know that you just need to cut back on your masturbation. If that doesn't make a difference, then perhaps you have some organic problem that a doctor would have to help with. The full abstinence program might be useful if you need it in order to learn to masturbate with lube, however.

What are those purple and blue threads or veins I have all over my scrotum? (age 15)

It could be a simple, harmless problem called spider veins, or it might be something more serious called a varicocele. Only a doctor can say for certain.

I need help. I have over masturbated for 10 years and now have problems with erection, pains in the groin, back pain, and a weak and leaky penis. (age 28)

I doubt that masturbation is your problem. You might tell those symptoms to a doctor and try to rule out any physical problem.

I just wanted to say that your site has made masturbation better!

The tip of my penis is faint red. It doesn't hurt when I touch it, what could it be? The side of my penis hurts, under the head, when I sit for awhile, and whenever it hurts, my leg joint hurts on the same side. Could it be from sitting too long? When I urinate, it tingles; it sometimes has a faint burn with it. I haven't been sexually active but I have had oral sex about 2 years ago. I doubt it is an STD.

The redness of the tip is probably normal. I wonder if the pain isn't all in your head. A doctor could rule out a physical problem. Drinking more water might make your burning urination go away. A urine test could rule out an STD.

I'm 28 and when I was younger I could last longer, but now I only last for 3 to 5 minutes . What can I do to last longer when I have sex with my partner? Would Viagra or a similar drug make me last longer?

One of those drugs might help. There are sites specifically about premature ejaculation that might help. A quick fix would be to masturbate a couple of hours before having intercourse.

This doesn't happen very often, but sometimes during ejaculation, the semen seems to shoot out very quickly and start to cause a painful stinging sensation in my urethra. The pain lasts for no longer than 30 seconds, and sort of overpowers the orgasm in terms of feeling. I think it might have to do with urine seeping out at the same time. Also, I masturbate on my back, using a grip with my thumb on the back of the shaft, and my forefinger on the opposite (front) side right under the head. My middle finger is sort of gripping the side. I use this grip with as little pressure as possible, stroking up and down the shaft but without sliding. Should I be using the loose fisted grip? I can achieve stiffness this way, but not quite the same orgasm. Is my method harmful (like prone) and/or causing the urethra pain I sometimes get? (age 16)

I'm glad it doesn't happen very often. Urine can't seep out during ejaculation because the bladder is cut off as part of the sexual response process. It might help to urinate before masturbating. This will both flush out the urethra and keep your mind off having to urinate. I don't think your grip is a problem. The important thing is to stroke, and I don't think it matters whether you use a fist or two or three fingers.

I would like to thank you for having this kind of website up for teenagers to come to and learn from. I am a 17 year old male who recently noticed my hair thinning. I actually have a lot of hair on my scalp. I used to have long hair before and used straightners and stuff. But then I read on a website that TOO MUCH masturbation can lead to thinning of the hair. I masturbate around 2-3 times a day almost every day. Does masturbation lead to hair loss?

I don't know if a connection to masturbation can be proved, but frequent masturbation (or intercourse) is correlated with high testosterone, and interaction between testosterone and the hair follicle is what causes baldness. If it's in your genes to be bald, it will happen eventually. I don't know if masturbating twice a week instead of 2-3 times a day would mean you'll have noticeable baldness at age 24 instead of 26. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about masturbation causing baldness. I would be more worried that your frequency interferes with finding a girlfriend.

What is effect of liquid soap as a masturbation lube if it is not washed off right away?

It could cause irritation, dry skin, cracking, or peeling.

I have been masturbating for about 10 years. When I was about 15, I masturbated a lot one day and it took longer to ejaculate after the 5th time in one day. As I was trying to make myself ejaculate, I felt I was trying too hard and straining to do so. I finally ejaculated, but while I was trying I got a sharp pain in my head. To this day, my head gets a little stiff and I get an occasional headache after masturbation. I think it is because I can't relax while masturbating. My body just feels stiff and I cant relax. Should I worry or should I just relax more? (age 25)

It sounds like orgasm headache. You should do a search on that term. Try not to worry about it. You couldn't have hurt yourself on that day.

When I approach orgasm while masturbating, what causes me to curl and/or wiggle my toes? At times when my toes curl up, I get a charley horse. Is it normal to curl your toes or wiggle them when you orgasm? (age 31)

The charley horse is probably caused by the tensing of your legs, not the wiggling of your toes. A lot of people do what you do. You need to learn not to straighten out your legs so hard that it pulls a muscle.

I checked the male topics already and there's nothing like what's bothering me. I masturbate on average 1.5 times a day and I have been for years with no problems. Recently I started experiencing pain during urination which I believe it's due to too much masturbation. Is it possible that I somehow "tore" the opening? (age 17)

Tearing the opening would produce extreme pain which you would need to seek immediate help for. The main organ to feel pain from too much ejaculation is the prostate. The pain isn't always felt in the prostate; it can radiate out to the testes and other sex/urinary organs. I'd advise you to cut down to masturbating three times a week (or less, if you can stand it) for a few weeks and see if the pain goes away.

I have been masturbating for a few years. I can masturbate fine with my hand, but sometimes I also do it in a prone position, rubbing against my mattress. I now know that this is bad, and I'm going to stop, but after I did it today, there was a small amount of brownish red stuff in my semen (I think it was blood). As I was ejaculating, the very end of my penis became very sensitive and almost painful. Is this blood a bad sign. Could it be because I masturbated in the prone position? (age 16)

Blood is always a bad sign. I think you need to quit masturbating prone now.

I am still a virgin and recently have had pain on the back of the penis. Does it hurt to lose your virginity? (age 20)

Only an extremely small percentage of men say it hurts and most say it feels very, very good. You should try to figure out what the cause of the pain is. Usually penile pain in virgins is caused by masturbating with too much force.

I've been masturbating three times a day for a couple of months. I've been noticing mobility loss and numbness in my hand. Is the masturbation the cause of these symtoms and if so, will it go away if I stop masturbating so often? Also, thank you for the site. (age 30)

Three times a day is quite high for your age. The symptoms you describe sound more like carpal tunnel syndrome. I've never heard of anyone getting CTS from masturbating, but then they probably wouldn't tell their doctor if that were the cause. I suggest cutting back and seeing if you notice a difference.

I'm 21 and a virgin. I've masturbated for several years off and on. With marriage possibly coming up soon, a few months ago I decided to not do it anymore. And I've been successful up until yesterday. Yesterday I masturbated 3 times. The first time, after ejaculation, I felt a little bit of pain in my penis and lower stomach area. The 2nd time, about 30 minutes later, after ejaculation, the pain was much, much worse and lasted several minutes. I can't really pinpoint where the pain was coming from besides a combination of my penis, around the base of my penis, lower stomach/bladder area, and maybe even towards my anus. It was like a sharp shooting pain. Finally went away after maybe 3 minutes. I decided to masturbate again later to see if the pain would happen again, and it was about like the first time. It was just a little pain, that felt about the same type of pain as the 2nd time, except of course the 2nd time was a lot worse. What could be the cause of this?

An irregular pattern of ejaculation is consistent with the pain you describe. The pain is probably originating in your prostate, which goes from being underutilized to being overworked. You don't seem to have firm plans for marriage, so why the vacation from masturbating? It's better to ejaculate at regular intervals than to go a week and half without and then overdo it in one day. Once the pain is under control -- I think someone suggested a treatment for prostate pain on this page some time ago -- why not plan to masturbate three times a week until you become sexually active, and only then rethink your routine.

I have been masturbating for over a year now, and a problem that I had when I first started is coming back. A few months after I started, I got horrible, horrible headaches while I was masturbating. I've seen you call them "orgasm headaches." They went away a few weeks after they started, but I just started getting them again around a week ago. They are so painful. But they are not just happening while I'm masturbating now. Sometimes my head starts throbbing while I'm running in P.E. or working out at the gym. These aren't quite as intense as the ones I get when I masturbate, but they still are bad. Should I just wait for it to go away? (age 14)

You ought to seek medical help for that. An orgasm headache is usually just annoying but yours seem to be more than that. I imagine it would be difficult for you to tell the doctor you get them when you masturbate, but since that is when the headaches are most intense, I think it would be important for the doctor to know that. Perhaps you could just say when you get them when you ejaculate. I'm sure the doctor will figure out what you mean.

I have been masturbating since I was about 13. In the last year I have tried to cut back and now I am trying to stop completely. Since I masturbated at least once a day before, I now experience some pain in my testicles when I don't masturbate for a few days. It will usually go away after a day or so. What is causing this? (age 23)

The pain is probably originating in your prostate. The prostate gland does best with a consistent amount of ejaculation. Ejaculating twice a week is better than going three weeks without ejaculating and then ejaculating four times in one night.

My 27 year old brother has mild mental retardation and something similar to Down's Syndrome. He has urinary problems (feeling the urge, but cannot go). He's never had sex, and I just learned he's never masturbated or ejaculated before (I assume because he thought it was wrong, but I assured him it was not). Do you think this could cause problems with urination? Can NOT ejaculating cause any other problems as well?

Yes. A common cause of urinary problems in older men is a swollen prostate gland. This can be caused by not ejaculating. Even if this is not your brother's problem, there is no harm in him learning to masturbate, and as you know, there are other benefits of that too.

My girlfriend and I have just started having sex and it hurts her every time she is on top. I have a large penis. Whenever I am in the shower and I get soap on the urethra, it burns severely when I urinate. What is this problem and how can I solve it. (age 17)

If it hurts her, then find a way that doesn't hurt. If soap hurts you, then keep soap away from your urethra, or at the very least, switch to another brand.

One time I was masturbating with a splitting headache. I lasted about 20 minutes or so, and shortly after I reached orgasm and ejaculated, my headache went away. Does masturbating cure headaches, or was this just a strange happening? (age 32)

Some people find masturbating relieves pain, but others have "orgasm headaches." I don't think your headache was related to masturbating. It's hard to make judgments based on only one time.

A few weeks ago, I was bouncing a bike tire up and down and it bounced straight into my testicles. I just let the inital pain die down then thought no more of it. Now I have a slight twinge in my right testicle, although I haven't notice any difference in output. The constant twinge is getting a bit worrying. (age 17)

I think you should see a doctor. Testicular injury should be taken seriously. He is apt to feel around the area and will perhaps order an ultrasound test if he detects an abnormality. Very little of your "output" comes from the testicles. Most comes from internal glands.

Could masturbating three times a day be a cause of testicle pain? (age 14)

Yes. The pain would probably be originating in the prostate gland. Try to cut down (to three times a week) and see if the pain goes away.

Sometimes when I've been masturbating a lot, my penis aches for about 30 minutes after the last ejaculation. Is it from masturbating too much? Should I masturbate less? (age 21)

When your body hurts, it's usually the case that you've been doing something too much. You ought to figure out the frequency of masturbation that provides you satisfaction but doesn't hurt.

I've had sexual partners that seem clear of any signs of STDs. I haven't had a partner for close to 4 months, and I regularly masturbate with Astroglide or ID. But I started to masturbate in the shower and I switched to using shampoo and conditioner as lube. I am uncircumcised, but I have no problem manually getting my foreskin retracted all the way down. Recently, my foreskin has dried up and started to get crusty. I wash there with water everyday or so, and I just applied some hydrogen peroxide after taking a shower. The crust ring makes the skin inelastic, and restricts a comfortable erection. This condition appeared for 2 days. (age 17)

You make a good case for keeping chemicals not specifically designed for the penis -- including shampoo, conditioner, and hydrogen peroxide -- away. Also, just because those partners seemed clear of STDs to you doesn't mean that they were.

Can you get carpal tunnel syndrome from masturbating? (age 14)

I've never heard of such a case, but I don't know that it's impossible. There's an old joke about a man who'd never played tennis getting diagnosed with tennis elbow.

When me and my girlfriend started making out for the first time, that was my first time kissing ever. She is also my first girlfriend ever. I am very choosy and wanted to wait for everything to be as special as possible, and we fell very deeply in love before we ever considered ourselves bf/gf. We spent about 12 hours alone together on that day. Almost all of that time we spent either making out, holding each other, staring into each other's eyes. To basically sum it up, we were all over each other for an entire day. An entire day in which I had an erection. All of the making out with her and touching her and hearing the sounds she would make when I would kiss her all over her neck and ears were turning me on. This is why when I started to feel a bad pain in my testes. I foolishly blamed it on the fact that I had hurt myself down there while being ill-situated while trying to reach for my water bottle earlier. So when I told her about the pain I was feeling, she told me she thought she knew what it was and that I needed to have an orgasm for the pain to go away. I had not masturbated for about two days before this, although it is usually more frequent. The pain worsened and became more prominent in my abdomen. It was getting excruciating. And I only felt it when I had to stand up. Lying down I felt just fine. I actually took pain relief medicine to try to make it stop. So I had to wait for her to leave to satisfy my needs. By the time she was about to leave, I was not able to stand at all without feeling tremendous pain. She lives an hour away so we only get to meet once a week or so. So once she left and I was alone, I started to masturbate, and from the moment I started, not only did it feel amazingly better than usual, but the pain immediately started to subside. I could not believe how good it felt. It had to be three times more intense feeling than it would normally be. I couldn’t believe it. I think I let it go on for about seven minutes. My ejaculate shot all the way up to my left shoulder and everything in between. I have not heard any of this ordeal mentioned anywhere except “You get blue-balls, ouch… come, bye-bye.” So I just wanted to share this! experience. (age 17)

Yes, you can get a very good orgasm by being aroused for a very long time, but in your case, you had to endure some pain first. Most people would want to get to orgasm before it becomes painful. I think you handled it correctly.

I am a 19 year old male, and I have never successfully masturbated to orgasm. Often masturbation causes my penis to lose erection, and masturbating an already erect penis does not work. I have wet dreams about once every week or so. I have had premature ejaculation before in the presence of attractive women, but have never had sex. The wet dreams are a huge inconvenience, especially in a college setting, and I would love to be able to masturbate to relieve my body's needs, however, I can't. It does not seem to give me much pleasure, regardless of my mindset. Any ideas? Should I seek medical help?

It would be worth having some medical tests to rule out a physical or endocrine problem. I assume you're not taking anti-depressants, which can interfere with orgasm. I would suggest masturbating while viewing some images you find compelling.

I have seen blood in my semen a couple of times. Is this normal? (age 18)

No, that is never normal. You might have a sexually transmitted disease. It would be a good idea to get tested.

Most semen are drippy and loose but mine comes out as one huge thick lump. Is this normal? Is my sperm any good? (age 24)

Semen comes out in a wide spectrum of viscosity. Only a semen analysis by a doctor could establish if yours is OK.

I'm 18 years old and have just been diagnosed with prostatitis. I have been masturbating once a day almost every night for the past couple of years. The urologist prescribed me Levaquin to cure the prostatitis. I am wondering if masturbation is harmful to my prostatitis and if it defeats the treatment if I masturbate while I'm on the medication. I was too embarrassed to ask the urologist and my dad was in the room

Levaquin is an antibiotic. This means the urologist assumes an STD is the cause of your prostatitis and he is treating you for that. Ejaculating will not make any difference in the performance of the antibiotic. If you do not have an STD, then the antibiotic will make no difference in curing your prostatitis. Giving your prostate rest is the way to overcome prostatitis, and that means no ejaculating for a while. The doctor should have known enough to send your dad out before discussing your prostate with you.

When I masturbate too much (like twice a day), my testicles hurt. Is this normal? (age 24)

Yes, it is. The pain is probably coming from your prostate gland. Pain is a sign that you're doing too much of something.

For the last six months, when I masturbate, I don't have a total erection, and sometimes I can't ejaculate. What's wrong? (age 39)

Some of that could be due to aging, but it might help to reduce your ejaculatory frequency and see if the remaining ejaculations are better.

My penis hurts when I urinate, and there's a yellow fluid coming out of my penis. Will it stop hurting if I stop masturbating too much? Should I see a doctor? (age 21)

I've never heard of what you describe happening from masturbation. It wouldn't hurt to cut down to 2-3 times a week and see if it makes a difference. If you see a doctor, he would treat you for a venereal disease, which is a likely cause of your symptoms.

I have a little ball on my right testicle. I don't know where it's from, but I've had it since birth. Any idea what it is? (age 12)

Even at your age, it is essential to have it examined by a doctor NOW. Run, don't walk, to the doctor!

Thanks for your site. It's really cleared up a lot of questions. I have heard that using a laptop on your lap can reduce sperm production. It has to do with the heat. Also, I want to know if the fact that I have ADHD could affect how much I masturbate. (age 14)

The heat from a laptop might have an effect on sperm count, but not nearly as much as sitting in a hot tub. I hope you're not trying to conceive at your age. If your frequency of masturbation is within the normal range (and at 14, the normal range can be quite high), then there's no reason to worry about ADHD.

I'm 18 and I masturbate twice a day on average, and I have for over 3 years. Two years ago I became sexually active with another virgin and haven't had sex with anyone else. About 6 months ago, I noticed blood in my semen. Naturally, I freaked out and called a doctor. Since I was due for a physical for hockey anyway, a urine test would give me my answers. The urine test came back negative, so I wrote it off as a one time thing. Last night, the same thing happened again. What do I do? I'm seriously worried. (age 18)

Are you doing anything that would produce the blood? Especially rough masturbation or intercourse? The doctor would probably start with another urine test and then treat you for an STD with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories no matter what the test shows.

Could masturbating cause urethritis? I masturbated twice yesterday, and today there was an inflammation when I urinated. (age 14)

I've never heard of masturbating causing urethritis, but it could certainly make it worse if you had it. You might wait longer before deciding what you're feeling is a problem.

I'm 17 and I haven't started puberty yet. Im 5'0", I have a high pitched voice, I can't ejaculate, and I have no pubic hair or armpit hair whatsoever. Is something wrong with me?

If you have no visible (or audible) signs of puberty by age 15, it would be a good idea to see a doctor.

Is it healthy and harmless to use corn oil as a lubricant? (age 14)

I don't think it could hurt you, but it would be much better to use something made for sex or at least on the skin.

The tip of my penis gets really red when I masturbate. I have small bumps on my penis and the same type of bumps on my scrotum. Could this be caused by an STD? I'm a virgin and have never done anything sex related. (age 16)

You can't have an STD if you've never been sexual with a partner. You might try using lube to keep the redness down.

I am noticing small wartlike bumps near the bottom of my penis and on my testicles. They are very small and they are mostly noticable when I am erect. I know warts are sometimes STD symptoms, but I'm a virgin and I've never even kissed a girl. Could they be something else? I sometimes ejaculate in my underwear when I do it face down and keep the semen there. Could that have something to do with it? Also, for this kind of thing, would I go to dermatologist? Because my dermatologist is a woman. Could I actually have a woman checking out my penis? (age 17)

It would be a good idea to have a doctor check them out. You would start by going to your regular doctor, and if he thinks it's a serious problem, he will refer you to a specialist like a dermatologist. If you're uncomfortable with a woman doctor, tell the person scheduling the appointment that you want a man.

If a man has a very loose scrotum, does that mean he's having a lot of sex? (age 21)

No. It probably means it's a hot room. The scrotum expands or contracts based on the environmental temperature.

Is it bad to get light cramps between your penis and butt? (age 16)

It's not good. You might not be ejaculating completely. Be sure to stroke for a couple of seconds after you ejaculate, if you can.

When I get close to ejaculation, I notice my left testicle pulls itself in. Sometimes there is pain when it happens. It doesn't always happen, but about 90 percent of the time it comes back after I ejaculate. (age 26)

Both testicles retract toward the body as ejaculation approaches. The pain is not necessarily connected to this. If the pain is originating in the prostate gland, as it often does, you would be likely to sense it in both testicles. You ought to see a doctor about this, but it would probably help to cut down your ejaculation to no more than three times a week until you notice a difference.

I have a serious problem. I posted earlier about having wartlike bumps on my penis. Last night I noticed that one of them had grown and turned red. (age 17)

That is a problem for a doctor. You might start by calling a nurse line.

Is masturbation supposed to make your muscles sore and make you feel tired? Everytime I finish masturbating, I feel very tired. (age 13)

Ejaculation frequently causes tiredness. That's supposed to be a good thing. If your muscles are getting fatigued, try to vary the muscles you're using. A lot of guys finds it helps to switch hands.

You have a great site. I wear low-rise briefs, and it can get kind of annoying when I get a hard-on. What do you do when you need to adjust yourself? Sometimes the head of my penis hurts when it's hard. Am I supposed to move it to the left or the right or something? (age 14)

Ideally, you would wear underwear that doesn't irritate you. I suppose you have more erections than the men who are the primary consumers of those briefs. If you need to adjust yourself, you should go to the bathroom.

I am uncircumcised and haven't been able and to touch the head of my penis; it hurts whenever it touches anything. What can I do to make it less sensitive? (age 31)

Using lube often makes it less sensitive. It helps a lot if you can touch other parts of the penis that aren't as delicate.

I've been married a year. My wife and I work apart and only get to have sex once a month for a day or two. I still haven't made entry to her vagina. During intercourse, I push hard and still it doesn't work. When my penis touches her clitoris or labia, it really pains her. We're really troubled and our sex life is unexpected. Can you give a solution of how to enter the vagina easily? (age 24)

I suggest your wife be examined by a doctor. She might have a sclerotic hymen which is making penetration impossible. There might need to be a medical evaluation of her pain too. There's not much I can tell you from here.

I have recently started to get a severe, shooting pain in the back of my head just as I reach orgasm while masturbating. It is so severe that I am totally incapacitated for several minutes. This then leads to a throbbing headache that can last up to a couple of hours. It has, understandably, put me off masturbating at the moment. It has happened the last 2 times. Should I see my doctor? (age 35)

That would be a good idea. Most people get an orgasm headache occasionally, but the severity of yours would seem to indicate that you should rule out the possibility of a more urgent problem.

I started masturbating around the age of 12, and I do it a lot. But about 2 1/2 months ago, I did it up against a wall and put a lot of pressure on my penis. It hurt a lot, but felt really good too. Since then, I haven't had an erection. Is this a problem? Should I consult help? (age 16)

It would be worth looking into. You should be having a lot of erections at your age. You might see a doctor to check on a possible physical injury.

I developed a bruise when I masturbated at the age of 14 but it has never gone away (I'm now 36!). I've never tried to heal it though. Now it looks more like a birthmark. It doesn't bother me at the moment, but do you think it might cause any problems in the future? Thank you.

I'm more inclined to believe it was something you noticed for the first time when you were 14. You might ask your doctor about it. It's obviously not a bruise.

I masturbate once a day and I'm circumcised. Somehow when I was desperate, I learned to wak off with no lube and it seems like the orgasm is better. Why is this, and will masturbating without lube increase the time I can go in sex? (age 14)

Necessity is the mother of invention. It might feel better without lube because the amount of friction against your penis is increased. However, this friction also increases the chances you will injure your penis. I don't think masturbating with or without lube will make much difference in the time it takes you to orgasm in intercourse.

I'm 17 and have been masturbating since I was 9. When I was about 11 I started to feel pain in my tailbone after masturbation. The pain isn't sharp but throbs and radiates around my butt. It helps when I sit down, but even then the pain is only pacified slightly. I've seen a doctor about it and all he did was tell me some stretches to do, which didn't work. The pain happens about once a month, but it really hurts when it does. I don't masturbate in funky ways. What should I do?

If it's external pain (you feel it in your muscles), I suspect it is caused by straining your back. It might be caused by something you do during the day that's unrelated to masturbation. In that case, back exercises and generally being careful with your back would be good ideas. It could also be that your coccyx is out of alignment. If it's internal pain (which you would feel in your privates), it could be directly related to masturbating, in which case masturbating less often for a while would be good. Did you really tell your doctor you feel the pain after masturbating, or did you just tell him where you feel the pain? It might make a difference in what he says. You might consider talking to the doctor about it again.

Follow-up: What can I do to align it? I've been abstaining from masturbating for a while, and the pains still occur. What else can I do?

A doctor or chiropractor could adjust your coccyx. Perhaps instead of abstaining from masturbating, just cut back to half of what you usually do and see if you notice a difference.

I am 30 years old. I have been masturbating since I was 12. I am suffering from spermatorrhea, and because of that I feel pain in my back bone and in the knees. How can I stop leakage of my semen?

If you really have spermatorrhea (an extremely rare condition in which a male ejaculates involuntarily without an orgasm), you need to see a doctor. Masturbation does not cause pain in the back and knees by itself, unless you are really overdoing it and straining yourself.

I'm 19 years old and have battling an on and off again prostatitis that does not seem to go away. I have been on several antibiotics that have been unsuccessful and I'm starting to wonder if it is possible that masturbation is preventing the medicines from completely clearing up the prostatitis. Is quitting masturbation the solution to overcoming my prostatitis or can I still masturbate on a regular basis a couple times a week? Is there a connection between prostatitis and masturbation? I'm still a virgin so it's not an STD. Are there any helpful over the counter products you would know of to help prostatitis? I would hate to live with this forever.

The antibiotics would be most useful if it were caused by an STD. The doctor might be treating you for an STD on the idea that you aren't being truthful to him about being a virgin. Cutting down your ejaculation to no more than three times a week is apt to be helpful until this is cleared up. You might also see if taking a pain killer or anti-inflammatory drug would be helpful. Some men have also found relief by soaking in a hot tub briefly every night and cutting out caffeine. If your problem has persisted, I'm surprised your doctor hasn't sent you to a urologist.

After I finish masturbating, and am able to get an erection again, there is a sharp pain in my perineum. Normally it doesn't hurt when I have an erection, only after I have ejaculated. And then it hurts when I'm erect but stops when I'm not. It takes a couple of hours before I can get an erection again without the pain. What do you think this could be? (age 17)

It might be pain originating in the prostate gland as a result of too much ejaculating. Try to cut down to three times a week for a while and see if it makes any difference.

In terms of back pain, circulation issues, etc., do you think it's better to masturbate standing up or in a chair or does it even matter? (age 20)

The body can do pretty well to accomodate a lot of things people do. I don't think circulation is negatively impacted, but if a method of masturbation causes any kind of pain, then you should consider a new approach.

Sometimes, a little while after I masturbate, my testicles start to hurt. Is this bad or normal? What can I do to prevent it? (age 15)

Testicular pain is most often caused by masturbating too much or not thoroughly enough. If you're doing it more than once per day on average, you might cut down to three times a week and see if that makes any difference. If your frequency is once per day or less, you might make sure you're not stopping before you've had an adequate ejaculation. Eight seconds is a good rule of thumb for how long an orgasm should last.

My penis is numb when erect but I can still orgasm and feel the head of the penis. I masturbated prone for a while but quit prone about a year ago. Is there any way to overcome this numbness? (age 15)

It's probably in your head. You ought not be feeling ill effects from prone after a year, at your age. Just keep working on what feels good.

I have found a dimple and some bumps on my testicles. Is this cancer? (age 13)

Only a doctor can say for sure. It is essential to get those bumps checked out. You will be glad you did.

One morning I was masturbating and I ejaculated almost pure blood. I went to the doctor and they thought that I had an STD. I did not, but they gave me a boat load of antibiotics. It has seemed to clear the problem up. But now I don't have stamina like I used to. I could go for 20 or 30 minutes before, but now I can only go maybe 5 or so. Could this be just recovering from an injury? (age 23)

I think that's a good hypothesis. You might cut back on your ejaculating (to three times a week, if that) until you think your stamina is back to normal.

Are erection pills safe to use if you want to maintain an erection? (age 33)

The ones that have been approved by the FDA for sale in the United States are considered safe, but they all have side effects, which you can learn more about by reading the web sites or print ads for any of those drugs (e.g., Viagra, Cialis, Levitra).

Are you absolutely sure that not ejaculating for a long time causes prostate problems? (age 12)

I don't think it's something you have to worry about at your age. When men get older -- even past 20 -- a lot of their prostate trouble can be explained by an erratic pattern of ejaculation. For best results, one should ejaculate several times a week. A recent study found that men who masturbated frequently when they were young had a reduced rate of prostate cancer when they were in their 60s.

My husband and I have been together since we were 18 years old. We've been having sex for the past five years. Because of work, graduate school, and other stresses, our sex life has diminished. We used to have sex from 3-5 times a week and now we only have it 1-2 times per week. Recently I was noticing that my husband's boxers were on the floor next to the bed, anywhere from 2-3 times a week. Last night, at around 4:30 a.m., I was awaked because he was masturbating unconsciously in his sleep. I had a fit because I was upset and surprised by what I saw. Yet he was totaly asleep and did not realize what he was doing. Is this a disorder? I read something about a disorder called "Sexsomnia." (age 24)

You gave a clue early in your message: You claim your sex life has diminished, but just because the frequency is down, it doesn't mean the quality of your sex life has to be diminished. It would help to enjoy what you're having as much as you can and not to complain excessively if you're not getting the frequency you would like. The diminished frequency is probably contributing to your husband's sleep masturbation. It would be less likely to happen if he masturbated on the nights when the two of you are not able to have sex. It might also help for him to wear more or heavier clothing to bed. If he is, in fact, removing his boxers while unconscious, that would be a sign that he does have some kind of sleep disorder akin to sleepwalking. "Sexsomnia," or sleep masturbation, is a controversial area, but a psychologist experienced in treating sleepwalkers could probably help you if the home remedies I suggest are ineffective.

I have two holes in my penis instead of one. I went to my family doctor about it and he said it was fine since only one hole urinates. Will this affect me when I begin ejaculating? I am very concerned. (age 13)

If only one hole urinates, only one will ejaculate. It is not so rare that your doctor would never have seen it before. I think you will be fine.

If masturbation is so important, should we teach mentally retarded men to do it to for their health? (age 37)

Mentally retarded men know how. At one time it was believed masturbation caused mental retardation because mentally retarded people could be seen masturbating openly. You might be thinking of men in vegetative conditions. Some of them receive masturbation therapy, whereby they are hooked up to a masturbation machine and it does what they can't do themselves. It is doubtful they know what is happening or benefit from it.

I have been masturbating for a year and have pimples on my face. If I stop masturbating will it get rid of pimples? If not, how? (age 12)

Masturbating will not cause or eliminate pimples. You might accept a few of them as normal for your age. If you have too many or they're too bad or you just want to get rid of them, you can see a doctor for some special topical medication and possibly antibiotics.

I've recently been to the doctor, hernia surgeon, and urologist to try to figure out this pain in my right testicle. After many studies (urine, semen culture, CAT scan, scrotal ultrasound), the urologist said it is orchiitis. He gave me a month of penicillin, but that didn't do the job. He said there was no sign of bacteria. I am wondering if excessive masturbation (two and sometimes three times a day) could cause a muscle pull that would give me the pain. It is more of a blue ball feeling. It seems that after I work out, the pain subsides a bit. If I masturbate, the pain will come right back. I hear that if it is a bacterial prostatitis, it is best to keep ejaculating. What do you suggest? (age 31)

Orchiitis is testicular pain, so telling you it is orchiitis is not particularly helpful. If you have not been sexually active and could not have an STD, the penicillin (or an even stronger antibiotic) will not do much good. Masturbation at the frequency could indeed cause the pain you discuss. It is probably not in the testicle per se but in the prostate gland. I would, however, be more willing to trust this explanation if the feeling were in both testicles. I assume some of those doctors examined your prostate gland? All of those tests should have ruled out a physical problem. I suggest you cut your ejaculatory frequency down to three times a week (at most) and take whatever painkiller your doctor suggests. You might also cut out caffeine and take daily sitz baths.

Thank you for making such a fantastic site. It's reassured me and helped many others. The other day my girlfriend performed manual intercourse on me and I came. It was great but I'm worried. Around the base of my penis there are lots of very small dots, almost like a rash. Should I see a doctor or are they normal? I am still a virgin so it could not be an STD. Could this have any effect on my girlfriend when she gives me oral, in the future. I just want my girlfriend to be safe. (age 14)

They are probably a harmless condition called pearly penile papules, but only a doctor could say for sure.

Lately I have had a red, itchy somewhat painful spot near the head of my penis, which kind of started when I began swimming every day. It seems like dry skin, and when I masturbate (with lube) it seems to worsen. Will this go away on it's own if I lay off for a while? (age 17)

I suggest some healing lotion for the spot, and it would be a good idea to avoid masturbating for about three days. It should be healed enough by then for you to resume. Try to dry off as soon as you're out of the pool and apply lotion.

I have read most of the questions regarding acne due to masturbation. You have told everyone that they are not related. Since I started masturbating I've been starting to develop acne, and it's not a coincidence. When I stop masturbating for a week, my face clears up dramatically, and once I resume, my face gets oily and sweaty the next day and after that more acne shows up. I've been doing this for a while and to me it's a proven fact. I've asked many people but all they tell me there is no relationship between acne and masturbation. (age 18)

If it's a proven fact to you, then why do you keep asking people? It's not the case that they aren't related, but they are both caused by the change in your hormone levels that have been going on for a few years. The thing is, acne and masturbation do not cause each other. You can see a doctor about topical remedies and possible oral antibiotics to cure your acne. No doctor will suggest you stop masturbating. So try to enjoy it more.

I have been masturbating prone for a long time. I thrust into my right hand. I think I have developed carpal syndrome and it's very painful. Will this ever go away once I stop prone? (age 33)

This site is about quitting prone masturbation, but I doubt you would be able to be cured of carpal tunnel syndrome, if indeed you have that, if you keep up what you're doing. Thus, quitting prone masturbation would take care of your problem and help with your CTS. Be sure to see a doctor about the CTS.

Is it normal to have dry spells? I used to masturbate twice a day and have 1-2 tablespoons of ejaculate, but now I have about less than 1. (age 15)

The average ejaculate volume is 5-7 ml, which is just over a teaspoon. I doubt your ejaculate was ever regularly two tablespoons. That's about 30 ml, or 4-6 times normal.

I am uncircumcised, and I have a huge mole on the side of my glans. Do you think this could be a problem for when I get older and have sex? I love your site! (age 13)

A huge mole is not a problem for sex, at least not that I've ever heard, but huge moles are always cancer risks. Make sure your doctor sees it next time you're in. If he's concerned by it, he will send you to a dermatologist.

Can weight affect masturbation? I'm 70 lbs overweight and masturbate sitting down utilizing fantasy, videos, and Internet. My penis shrinks and and gets hard and stubby with nothing to grip. Can eating popcorn affect masturbation? I have a prescription to Levitra, but it gives me a headache. Sometimes I take yohimbe.

Being overweight can affect you in many ways. It makes anything physical more difficult, and masturbation is physical. It is very common for overweight men to find their penis seems shorter because the base of it becomes buried in the fatty pad (mons pubis). It might be better for you to give up popcorn altogether. Movie popcorn is the worst. The only healthy popcorn is air popped without oil, salt, or butter. (I know, not much more fun to eat than rice cakes.) I know nothing about Yohimbe. I suggest losing weight to improve your health in many ways, not the least of which is enjoying masturbation more.

A small patch of thin skin has developed on the top half of my penis and when I masturbate it has started to bleed. What should I do? (age 12)

Start using lube and/or stay away from that area when you masturbate.

You're leading everyone the wrong way. You said that masturbation does NOT cause acne, however if I stop masturbating for a week and my face is clean, the next day I masturbate, and my face gets really dry and then oily, and then acne appears. It has been happening for so long that it's a fact, and I'm not the only one experiencing this. There are many other people who experiencing the same problem. How can I go clear up my acne. I can't stop masturbating. It's impossible. (age 18)

Acne is not caused or cured by masturbating. You can see a doctor about antibiotics and topical treatments that will cure your acne or reduce its severity.

Could masturbating prone cause ear problems? I lay on my side, with the right side of my head on a couch or something. Is this causing ear problems, because I've been having dulled hearing lately. I had an ear infection a few weeks ago, and have been masturbating since I was younger, I'm about 14 now. Are these realted, or am I just having ear trouble?

I've never heard of masturbating prone causing an ear infection. I recommend you stop masturbating prone anyway, so maybe you can see if it makes any difference.

The last 5 times I have masturbated, I've had an extremely sharp headache in the back of my head which pulses as my heart beats. The last time was so severe, I stopped masturbating. Is it serious? I'm taking final exams at the moment. Could it have anything to do with the stress? (age 15)

What you report is called orgasm headache. Try not to anticipate them, because they only happen occasionally for most men. They could be related to the stress, which would be too bad, because most males use masturbation to relieve stress. You might try relaxing your neck when you feel one coming.

Follow-up: The headache is now permanent. It won't go away even with pain killers. The headache just worsens with masturbation. Relaxing my neck helps slightly but the pain is still sharp.

It's time to see a doctor about this.

About a year ago I was masturbating and there was styrofoam next to me so tried rubbing my head on it to see how it would feel. There was no pain and I liked it so I did it until I came. After that, in the shower, the head turned red and blotchy. The next while I didn't want to touch the head anymore because it was really uncomfortable. A year later it's gotten better, but I still think the feeling isn't like before and after I have a shower sometimes the color gets blotchy. Is there some sort of cream that I can put on that to make it go away or will it just continue to improve? (age 20)

It would be a good idea to see a doctor about that. Most males try to avoid touching the head while masturbating anyway. Using lube should make it easier to touch the head. It is surprising that you are feeling the effects of masturbating once with styrofoam a year later. A doctor could rule out a more serious problem.

I used to masturbate prone but I have switched. I noticed a small lump under my right nipple. Is this due to prone masturbarion? (age 15)

The lump was not caused by masturbating prone. You should see a doctor right away. It could be breast cancer, which is quite rare in males but still very deadly.

I masturbate about every three days. I think I am developing some prostate problems, I have to urinate frequently and sometimes I can't get it all out. I want to see a doctor about this, however being from a Christian community, masturbation is looked down on highly and my parents have never found out that I masturbate. Can prostate problems like these occur in someone who has never masturbated? My parents would find out if the doctor's bill said something along the lines of prostate or whatnot.

I had a period from about 19-20 where I didn't masturbate. I was able to kick the habit for about a year, so because of this, could this be one of the causes of my prostate problems? (age 23)

The doctor is obliged to respect patient confidentiality. You ought to tell him of your sexual history, including masturbation. He needs that information to treat you effectively. There is no prostate condition that is caused solely by masturbation. The bill your parents get will not be detailed, but it might have a diagnosis code for your problem. Your parents would not know what this code means and would they bother to look it up? You can ask the doctor to use a more vague one (e.g., "urinary tract examination" as opposed to "prostatitis"). I don't especially believe you quit for a year, but if you did, that kind of fluctuation in your ejaculatory frequency could cause prostate problems.

Most of the time I have a headache after I masturbate. After reading your site, I found out that they are orgasm headaches. The problem is, they are irregular (sometimes I get a headache right after I masturbate, but sometimes I get a headache after an hour or so). Is this normal? Are orgasm headaches bad for your health? My masturbating frequency is about 3-4 times a week. Is this frequency enough, or should I increase my frequency to about 7 times a week? (age 14)

Hold on! My site can let you know that orgasm headaches exist, but it is dangerous for you to diagnose yourself based only on a web site. Orgasm headaches, to my knowledge, appear instantly at orgasm. If you are getting a headache an hour later, that is not an orgasm headache and might be the sign of something more serious. I don't think your masturbation frequency has anything to do with it. If the headaches persist, I suggest seeing a doctor.

Can someone who has not masturbated or had sex in any way contract prostate problems at my age? (age 23)

Yes. Most prostate problems in younger men stem from not ejaculating enough.

I have been masturbating since the 7th grade. I'm going into grade 11 now, and I still haven't had an orgasm. I am starting to wonder if something is wrong with me, and I am reluctant to ask a doctor about this. Is there any information you can give me about my situation? (age 15)

I think asking a doctor is a good idea. You should be having orgasms by now. You shouldn't be embarrassed to ask the doctor. He masturbates too.

I developed prostatitis, and I was prescribed 30-day Cipro, ibuprofen hot sitz baths and having to wear a jock strap. Why a sitz bath? Why a jock strap? I have read that I am supposed to masturbate to recover better? Is 2-3 times a week OK? (age 49)

Wow, Cipro is powerful stuff. They must think you have a nasty infection. Cipro is what they gave to the people who came into contact with anthrax. The sitz bath is to reduce inflammation. It's how you apply heat to your privates. The jock strap is to keep your testicles from bouncing too much. Your doctor should have instructed you about ejaculatory frequency, but I would be surprised if he told you more than three times a week is OK.

What happens if I've never had a wet dream and I have never masturbated? Am I healthy? I have problems with not enough testosterone but I have been getting testosterone shots every month for a year. (age 15)

You should really ask the doctor who is giving you the testosterone shots about this. I think it would be healthier if you masturbated.

Three months ago I masturbated 3 times in a row and felt a strong pain in my testicles during the third time. I also had a very premature ejaculation. My ejaculations have not been same since. I heard that holding a few seconds while urinating can make you last longer. Is this possible? Is it about increasing your bladder's volume? (age 22)

Yes, that is true. It is to exercise your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. I doubt you damaged something permanently just by one day of excessive masturbation, but only a doctor can say for sure. You might just be more conscious of the time to ejaculation since that incident.

I'm a male who masturbates pretty frequently, and lately I've noticed a red ring around the head of my penis that is sensitive to touch. (age 16)

You can avoid that by using some lube.

I masturbate 5-7 times a week, and lately after I ejaculate, my penis aches for several hours afterward. The pain isn't sharp, and it lessens after time. I am still a virgin. Is anything wrong? (age 16)

It might help to cut back on masturbating for a few weeks (to three times a week or less) and see if things get better.

I masturbated about a month ago and a little blood came out. Is this normal or should I be worried? Thank you for your highly informative web site. (age 20)

I don't think it's normal, but if it only happened once a month ago, you probably don't need to be worried. You might mention it to the doctor next time you're in.

I've suffered a bad back since starting masturbation at age 12. Could this be in any way related? (age 37)

I highly doubt it.

Sometimes my vision blurs while masturbating when I have a more intense orgasm. Is this normal? (age 22)

No, it isn't. It might be something to call a nurse line about.

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I'm 32 and I've been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, and when I read up on it, it said that relatively frequent ejaculation is a good thing to keep the prostate cleared out. But I frequently masturbate more often. Usually once a day, but sometimes up to five times a day (though I've cut back to less often when the symptoms of prostatitis flare up). So I'm experimentally not doing it for a week, to see if it helps with symptoms, but wondering whether the problem might not be prostatitis but rather, say, some other issue of damage done to the penis by frequent masturbation? Is that possible? Is frequent masturbation likely to cause damage over time?

The two main causes of prostatitis are ejaculating too much or not enough. Try keeping it to once a day. It is also bad to have an erratic frequency of ejaculation. Try to be consistent. When symptoms flare up, take a break from ejaculating, or cut down to three times a week at most.

Every several months, for a few days right when I begin to masturbate I get this intense pressure in my head. It's an excruciating pain within the first 20 seconds. What could this be caused by? (age 20)

If you said it was when you reached orgasm, I would say it's an orgasm headache. I don't know what you're describing. Maybe you should relax for a few minutes before you start.

Being a vegetarian, will it be unhealthy or even harmful to my health to have frequent ejaculations? (age 20)

It will be good for you. I don't think being a vegetarian has anything to do with it. Why offset whatever health benefit (if any) you get from being a vegetarian by having a clogged prostate from not ejaculating enough?

After I masturbate, I get a pain at the back of my testicles. If I lie down or sit down it goes away. It's only bad when I stand. It goes away in few hours but sometimes it can really hurt. What could it be? (age 17)

It might be in your head. It could also be coming from your prostate and be caused by too much ejaculation. It could also be an inflammation called epididymitis, which is the inflammation of the epididymis, the structure at the back of your testes. The doctor would probably treat you for a sexually transmitted disease even if you say you've never had sex.

I used to masturbate daily. Sometimes more than 2 times a day. For about one year I am feeling dull pain in my left testicle and sometimes it's more noticeable. I have examined my testicles and didnt find any lumps on it. (age 25)

Testicular self-examination is very important for men. Good for you. Pain in the testes is usually bilateral and caused by overexertion of the prostate. The usual treatment is to cut down ejaculation frequency for a while to no more than three times a week. If the pain is persistently in one testis, then it would be a good idea to see a doctor.

Is it normal to have some small lumps on the side of the scrotum? (age 15)

No. Any lumps on the testicles should be examined by a doctor right away.

I am a 35 year old male and have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am having an operation. I can no longer reliably get a erection and the few times I do I cannot ejaculate. I am taking morphine. What is causing my problems?

Those are questions for your doctor. I am inclined to believe that your problem is physical. Your doctor might have a solution. You don't have to be erect to have an orgasm. Good luck with your treatment.

I am curently a medic in the Marines and just got back from Iraq. I've served two tours and have seen a lot of things that I will not soon forget. I've seen people in terrible condition and wearing no clothes. Now when I see my wife naked or try to have sex with her, I either am not turned on or it brings back a memory and I can't continue. Is there anything I can do to help me get past this?

A support group for veterans might be a good idea. Surely there are others in your situation. Your local veterans' hospital would know. It might also be useful to try to vary the circumstances in which you have sex (lighting, position, etc.) so that your memories of war are not triggered.

When I first started masturbating at 12, I was able to do it every day. Now I can't masturbate more than once or twice a week or else I will have trouble having an erection or keeping an erection during masturbation. I don't masturbate prone. What can I do to be able to masturbate more frequently? (age 18)

That is an unusual problem. It might be worth consulting a doctor to rule out a physical problem. It might also be that you're just worrying too much. Try to relax and not worry so much about whether you're going to be able to do it successfully.

You said that caffeine can inhibit erections by constricting the blood vessels. I was wondering how effective caffeine is at inhibiting erections and will the constriction wear off after the caffeine is out of your system? For someone who drinks 2-3 caffeine drinks a day, could that have an effect on the erection even after the caffeine has left the body? (age 19)

You don't need to worry about that at your age. Men who are experiencing erectile difficulty should avoid caffeine, but it cannot be used specifically for the purpose of inhibiting erections. The amount you are talking about is pretty normal.

Often after I masturbate, it hurts my penis if I try to do it a second time. It's probably because I masturbate for quite a long time and I don't use lube. (age 15)

It would be good if you could discover how to masturbate so that it doesn't hurt.

The only way I can reach orgasm is by straining my prostate gland for hours and hours. Is this normal? (age16)

No, not at all. You ought to be able to without doing that. You could be hurting your prostate.

I have been masturbating for about three years now. I have noticed that to top half of my penis looks red and raw. Once I accidently cracked the skin while masturbating. I know I should have stopped to let it heal, but now the chafing has spread almost halfway around the shaft. What should I do? (age 17)

I suggest stopping for a few days at least while you apply medicated lotion to the affected area. When you resume, use a good lube.

I recently hurt my wrist and now every time I masturbate my wrist hurts for 1 minute or so. Is this normal? (age 15)

If your wrist has been injured, it is important to let it rest, even if that means not masturbating. Once it heals, you can go back to normal.

I was recently diagnosed with epididymitis and have been taking my antibiotics as prescribed. I masturbated and ejaculated about 4 days into the treatment. Afterward I felt discomfort in my testicles. Could I have made my epididymitis worse? (age 16)

It is important to abstain from ejaculation during your healing period. I'm surprised your doctor didn't tell you that.

I'm 21, and I've been masturbating since I was 12. I have an active sexual life with my girlfriend, though we can only have sex on weekends and not every one.

I have never stopped masturbating -- I still do it about twice a week, and I've always felt it as good as sex. My problem is that I have always pressed my perineum with my left hand while stroking my penis with my right hand to avoid ejaculating. I've done it a lot for all these years. It is starting to get uncomfortable, so I'm avoiding masturbating at all, or doing in in the shower. If I prevent my ejaculation, it just doesn't work that much anymore, and semen comes out (not everything, but most of it).

I'm also starting to have a hard time getting an orgasm with my girlfriend. Sex is good for me, but not great, and not every time. There are some positions where she has multiple orgasms while I just won't get an orgasm or even close to it. We've been frustrated with our sexual life, since it's usually either good for me or great for her, but hardly ever both.

I am very confused. Have I damaged something?

It is never a good idea to block the flow of ejaculate. You should decide right now to never do that again. You ought to be able to ejaculate OK. Just remember that it's a different feeling from what you're used to. If you're still having trouble after a couple of months, I suggest being examined by a urologist.

After I ejaculate twice in one day, I get bad pains in my pelvic area, ranging from bad to extremely painful. These pains can sometimes last quite a long time. This normally happens when I have a full erection when I ejaculate. I have gotten used to masturbating with only a partial erection. Why is this? (age 15)

You might be masturbating too much. Try cutting back to three times a week for a while and see if it makes a difference. It should not matter if you have a full erection or not in terms of pain, but that it is a bad habit to learn. Try to do it only when you have a good erection.

Apart from the regular technique, I also stroke the area around the frenulum with my left hand sometimes, usually when using my right hand to operate my computer. Recently my frenulum has become painful on touch. Might this be a result of this technique? Should I stop that technique and go see a doctor? (age 15)

A doctor would be more than you need at this point. If you are not using lube, it would be a good idea to start. It might also help to put some lotion on your frenulum until it is less sensitive.

I am 16 and have slight pain in my testicles occasionally. I also have a lump on my left testicle about twice the size of a pea. I saw a doctor about it and he felt it and said it was just a cyst and that I had nothing to worry about. I masturbate at least twice a day, and the pain is usually after I masturbate and usually doesn't occur unless I think about it, but it does spring up sometimes when I am sitting forward on a chair. The pain isn't always just in the testicle with the lump either and it isn't unbearable. Is this something I should be panicking about?

You should follow up with the doctor about the cyst. It would be a good idea to get a second opinion. Since you masturbate often and the pain comes after that, I suggest masturbating less. Because the pain is on both sides, I suspect the problem is not in your testicle. It is in your prostate. Try to give your prostate some rest for a while by masturbating no more than three times a week. See if that does anything for the pain.

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I wrote on this site that I found pimple-like bumps on my penis but I was embarrassed to tell my mum. I told her and she gave me this cream and now the pimples and bumps have started to clear up. Thank you for your advice on this matter. (age 12)

For about 2 years I've had two black marks at the top of my penis. One is to the right and about the size of a fingertip and one is to the left and is much smaller. What are they? (age 14)

They sound like moles, but I suggest showing them to a doctor.

My ejaculate is a strange looking mix of normal and semi-solidish material. I am very worried. It's been almost a year now. I masturbate very regularly. I thought it's because I do it excessively but not doing it hasn't helped either. Please tell me what I should do? (age 20)

I suggest getting a semen analysis from a doctor. Most semen is OK, but if it worries you, it's a simple enough test. Masturbating too little is apt to make your semen look funnier than masturbating too much.

Lately when I masturbate, I get really bad headaches. I talked to a female friend about it. She said that I should ask someone about it. Do you think that it is bad to talk to a girl about it, even though that she says she doesn't mind, and is comfortable about it? (age 14)

Most people have had orgasm headaches from time to time. It is not good if they are happening all the time. Please do a search on the term "orgasm headache" to learn more. I don't think it is bad to talk to a girl about it, although most people only discuss masturbation with members of the opposite sex that they are sexually intimate with or trying to be. Make sure you both understand if that is or is not the case.

Is it normal to have started masturbating at age 3? I now masturbate once or twice almost every day. I notice that when I refrain from masturbating for several days I am dramatically more energetic, have much better reflexes and better cognitive abilities. Is there any explanation for this? (age 17)

I think it is in your head. Lots of people started at age 3 or earlier than they can remember. I don't think your observations would hold up under scientific scrutiny.

I masturbate on average twice a day. Today I was watching TV, and I had a sudden pain in my right testicle. It died down right away, but throughout the day it's been a dull pain in my right, and sometimes left, testicle. I also have hypochondria, which is probably making it worse. I can't help but think I have something really wrong. The pain isn't constant or excruciating. Could it be from excess masturbation? (age 14)

Severe pain in the testicle could be torsion, which is a medical emergency. It's good that your pain is not severe and strange to say it's also good that you have it on both sides. The most likely cause is it's originating in the prostate, in which case excessive ejaculation could be to blame. It would be a good idea to cut back to three times a week until the pain ceases. If it becomes severe, don't hesitate to go to the emergency room.

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