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Super Head Honcho - the main toy I recommend

Over the years, I've been asked many questions about sex toys and whether or not males should use them or even try them. My main response is that I encourage males to masturbate with their hands and not use toys.

However, I have been greatly impressed by reports I've gotten about males overcoming delayed ejaculation with help from the Super Head Honcho masturbation sleeve. The Super Head Honcho trains a male to use less force, so he is better able to masturbate by hand and reach orgasm in intercourse from the natural feeling of his partner's vagina. The Super Head Honcho has been recommended by the greatly respected TV sex authority Dr. Sue Johanson.

Some male masturbation sleeves cost more than $50. The Super Head Honcho is available online for less than $15. That makes it affordable to try and use.

This link is to find the Super Head Honcho for sale on eBay.

This is the Super Head Honcho (pink) pictured alongside its smaller predecessor, the Head Honcho (clear). A gift card is shown for scale.

The Super Head Honcho showing its penile opening.

The Super Head Honcho can only be used with water-based lube. See the lube page for advice on buying lube. Any water-based lube will work, but Warm Touch (available for $1 at Dollar Tree) works especially well. Oil-based lubes will degrade the Super Head Honcho and should never be used.

If lube is not used, it will be impossible to insert the penis into the Super Head Honcho.


  1. Apply water-based lube to the penis when ready to begin
  2. Insert the penis into the Super Head Honcho
  3. Stroke up and down, gripping the Super Head Honcho with as little force as necessary
    • One may experience different sensations by covering or partially covering the top hole
  4. After orgasm, clean out the Super Head Honcho by rinsing with warm water and drying by threading a paper towel through it repeatedly
  5. Wrap a paper towel around the sleeve so it will be ready for its next use

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