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Testicular Self-Examination

Once a male can ejaculate, he realizes the importance of his testicles, or testes. The testes produce the sperm cells that let a male father children, and they produce the hormones that keep a male masculine.

The testes are twin olive-shaped organs located in the scrotum, the sac beneath the penis.

From the ages of 15 to 44, a male is at risk for testicular cancer. This form of cancer is rare, but it is unusual in that it usually strikes younger males.

In order to detect testicular cancer before it is too late (and possibly, other scrotal problems), a male needs to examine his testes monthly.

The ideal time for a male to examine his testes if after showering or bathing. Not only is the male apt to be more relaxed then, the scrotal skin will be looser and easier to touch.
First, stand at a mirror and look for any obvious physical changes in your scrotum, like swelling or discoloration.
Next, support your scrotum in one hand and use the other to feel your testicles individually.
Slowly and gently roll each testicle between your fingers. See if there are any lumps. These hard lumps may be pea-shaped or they might be small and flat like kernels of rice.

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